Los Angeles Chargers Easiest Games in 2022

Chargers Easiest Games
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With the 2022 NFL schedule having dropped, it’s time to break down each game for each team and rank the games in difficulty from 1 to 17, with 17 being the easiest. For this piece, we’ll be looking at the easiest Los Angeles Chargers games, going from 9 to 17. Be sure to check out the most difficult games for the Chargers as well. Also, if you have not seen the glorious Chargers schedule release video, check that out as well.

Easiest Games on the Los Angeles Chargers 2022 Schedule

9. Week 15: vs Tennessee Titans

The Titans have been quite a competitive team for a few years now, but their pass attack looks less threatening without A.J. Brown. Now they are relying on Robert Woods (very solid) and Treylon Burks (rookie). However, Derrick Henry could still easily end up being a problem for the Chargers defense by himself. This will be the biggest test for the revamped Chargers run defense.

10. Week 10: @ San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have one of the more generally well-rounded rosters in the league, but they rank lower here because of the uncertainty at quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo falls into the mid-tier category at best, and he is not even guaranteed to be on the team (or the starter) by September. Trey Lance has higher upside, but there are still concerns about whether he is ready to be the full-time starter. This team would be a couple of slots higher if they were more assured at quarterback, but they should not be underestimated either – Deebo Samuel and the defense could still cause plenty of problems for the Chargers.

11. Week 12: @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have quite a high ceiling on offense, but they also have a tendency to lose steam down the stretch – which is where the Chargers will be facing them. That said, the wide receiver duo of DeAndre Hopkins and Marquise Brown – not to mention Kyler Murray’s mobility – could still cause problems for the Chargers. If it was not obvious by now, the first handful of games on this “Chargers Easiest Games” list actually are not that easy.

12. Week 5: @ Cleveland Browns

This will be another test for the Chargers run defense with having to deal with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, as well as Deshaun Watson’s mobility. However, that is one issue to consider here – Watson and whether he will even be available at the start of the season. It still cannot be ruled out that he gets suspended or gets into other trouble. If he is playing, this will likely be a tough game, but frankly, it’s also a tad difficult to get that worried about the Browns right now as they seem to have gone back to being the “same old Browns” that they were prior to 2020.

13. Week 14: vs Miami Dolphins

Now we finally get to some of the actually easier games on this schedule. Not that the Dolphins should be expected to be a pushover, but Tua Tagovailoa simply has not progressed in the way that Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow has, and this is possibly even a make-or-break year for him. One might think that Tyreek Hill might make that offense much better, but Tagovailoa has not shown much ability with stretching the field. And while Hill is certainly capable of making small plays turn into big plays, if the Chargers can keep the Dolphins locked down with those smaller plays, they should have a good chance of victory.

14. Week 3: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

We should see some improvement from Trevor Lawrence in Year Two, especially with Urban Meyer no longer around. But it is still hard to see this team going anywhere as long as Trent Baalke is there, as teams only seem to fail around him. And while Lawrence has a little more receiver depth now, there isn’t a clear WR1 among the bunch, and that offensive line still does not inspire confidence. This should be a good opportunity for Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack to feast.

15. Week 4: @ Houston Texans

Like the Jaguars, the Texans should see a bit of improvement this year as quarterback Davis Mills actually looks a bit promising and Lovie Smith is an upgrade at head coach – but there is still not much reason to think this team is going anywhere with the management and ownership above Smith. They are in a state of “guilty until proven innocent” right now.

16. Week 9: @ Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan is gone and the Falcons likely have the weakest wide receiver corps in the NFL right now with Calvin Ridley suspended for the year. Maybe Marcus Mariota (assuming he does end up being the starter) could cause problems for the Chargers defense with his mobility, but that and maybe Cordarrelle Patterson are about the only factors to worry about here. This team is essentially in complete rebuild mode and should be fairly easy fodder for the Chargers.

17. Week 7: vs Seattle Seahawks

Here is another team in complete rebuild – but arguably in even more dire straits. Currently, their top option at quarterback is Drew Lock, and while they do still have Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf at receiver, Pete Carroll still seems to be favoring a run-heavy offense. Russell Wilson had been bailing out this team for several years now, and without him, expect the Seahawks to be having a top-five pick next year. And the Chargers already were 2-0 against the Seahawks with Wilson – so imagine how much easier this will be without him.

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