New York Giants Future Should Not Include a Russell Wilson Trade

Giants Russell Wilson

The NFL universe is filled with rumors of a pending divorce between the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Multiple media outlets have reported one of Wilson’s desired locations to play next season could be with the New York Giants. A possible move of this nature should not be a part of the Giants future.

New York Giants Future Should Not Include a Russell Wilson Trade

Trading For Wilson Will Not Solve Giants Roster Issues

Under different circumstances, acquiring Wilson would be a unique opportunity for the Giants. He is a top-tier quarterback who has been considered among the elite for the majority of his career. But Giants fans should not go gaga over the recent trade rumors. Your concerns should have more to do with the current state of the team’s roster.

Replacing Daniel Jones with Wilson will not make the Giants an instant contender in 2022. No, the franchise has several trouble areas on the roster. Despite the inconsistency at the quarterback position, the offensive playmakers cannot stay on the field long enough to make an impact in games. And week after week, the offensive line has looked overmatched. The Giants have a dearth of talent as they’re not one player away from contention.

Giants Have The Draft Capital to Get Wilson Trade Completed

Granted, the Giants have the draft capital to get a deal done with the Seahawks. The Giants are projected to have two of the top eight picks in next spring’s NFL draft. Plus, they hold a second-round pick, two third-round picks, and a fourth-round pick. That is six picks in the first 110 selections of the 2022 draft. If the Giants play their cards right, this draft class could be the foundation of their roster for years to come.

The Giants owners may also fear the backlash that would come if they enter a total rebuild is required. The thought of trading for an elite quarterback might temper their fan’s concerns. But this move will mean very little to the Big Blue faithful unless the team is playing meaningful games once again. The franchise has not had a winning record since the 2016 season.

What Are The Giants Receiving in a Possible Trade

What are the Giants receiving when trading away their draft assets for Wilson? He has not elevated his game since returning from a finger injury. For the season with two games remaining, Wilson has thrown for 2,639 yards with 18 touchdown passes and five interceptions in 12 games played.

But, since Wilson has returned to the lineup in Week 10, the statistical numbers across the board have been disappointing. He has averaged 204 passing yards with eight touchdown passes, four interceptions, and a 64 percent completion rate.

The positive with such a move is Wilson brings his winning mentality to New York. Leadership is what the Giants have been lacking for far too long. Wilson is a proven team leader as he has won 102 regular-season games and nine wins in 16 playoff starts since entering the league in 2012.

Several negatives come to mind with the possibility of the Giants acquiring Wilson. The concerns are his age (33) and Wilson putting too much pressure on himself to make the trade a success. The latter will come into focus quickly as the Giants do not have the personnel that allows Wilson to make plays in the pocket.

Trading for Wilson is for teams who are in a position to “win-now” mode. The G-Men’s rebuild under team general manager Dave Gettleman has failed miserably. A potential Wilson trade would be another feeble attempt by the franchise of taking a shortcut in the rebuilding process. The current roster has too many holes that need immediate attention this off-season.

Acquiring a player of this status should not sway the Giants decision. They need to keep their 2022 draft picks intact. It is the right path to becoming a winning franchise again.

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