New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara Hasn’t Spent Any of His NFL Earnings

Making a living in the NFL is no easy task, even if you have the necessary talent to earn a consistent salary. According to, just under 16% of players file for bankruptcy within 12 years of retirement. Handling all that money at once isn’t easy, so it should be commended when someone like Alvin Kamara does the smart thing and ensures a long life of financial stability. While on Uninterrupted, the running back stated that he hasn’t spent a single penny of his $75 million contract, and has instead gotten by on endorsement money.

Alvin Kamara Hasn’t Spent A Penny of His NFL Earnings

Alvin Kamara credits his spending habits with his mother. According to the running back, watching his mom “work multiple jobs only to be able to afford the bare essentials” taught him the value of the dollar. Kamara added that, despite his current wealth, he still remembers worrying about whether he had enough money to fix a cracked phone or fill up a tank of gas.

Given his smart sense of spending, it’s safe to say that Alvin Kamara will not have to worry about where his next meal comes from for quite a long time. The Tennessee product initially entered the league as a third-round pick, and didn’t receive life-changing money right out of the gate. However, that all changed when he signed a massive five-year, $75 million contract before the 2020 season. According to Spotrac, Kamara has already earned $18.7 million in NFL salary and can earn as much as $80.01 million by the end of his current deal.

While it’s certainly uncommon, Kamara is not the first player to make a living strictly off of endorsement money. Back when he first retired, Rob Gronkowski announced that he did not spend a cent of his NFL paychecks. That might not be the case anymore, as the big tight end spent the 2019 season out of the NFL. However, now that he’s back (and a Super Bowl champion again), it’s very likely that he continues to live off of endorsement money.


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