Deshaun Watson Is a Dream for the New York Giants

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It’s no secret that Daniel Jones did not play well in 2020. While it is almost certain that he will be under center come Week 1 in September, the New York Giants have a unique opportunity to put themselves over the top and become true contenders. Deshaun Watson has made it clear that his time in Houston is coming to an end, and while he may not end up with Big Blue, the Giants landing him via trade would be a dream scenario.

Deshaun Watson Is Giants Dream Scenario

Realistic Expectations

While this would be a great trade for the Giants, they likely will not pull the trigger on a potential Deshaun Watson trade. Dave Gettleman is not afraid to make a trade, as he has done so with former Giant Odell Beckham Jr. However, after only two years since drafting him, it is not realistic to believe that Gettleman would trade Daniel Jones.

Joe Judge reiterated his commitment to Jones, saying repeatedly that he is the Giants quarterback, giving fans no real reason to believe that the Giants are moving on from the young quarterback anytime soon.

What A Potential Deal Would Look Like

The minimum for acquiring Watson would be at least two to three first round picks. So immediately, the 11th pick in this year’s draft, 2022 first round pick and potentially 2023 first round pick are already on the table. Two second round picks would also have to be in consideration, so this year’s 42nd overall pick and next year’s second round pick would be included as well.

Since Houston is in rebuild mode with a new general manager and head coach, they will also be looking to acquire young talent outside from just draft picks.

The players to add: Daniel Jones and potentially Saquon Barkley. Fans are not going to like Barkley being included, but if the Giants were to offer a trade package for a top five quarterback, they will likely have to part with their former second-overall pick. However, to please the minds of Giants fans, Evan Engram could also be included. While he did not perform well in 2020, teams were still calling at the deadline, and his surprising Pro Bowl nod means that people around the league still respect and see him as a good player. A fresh start for Engram would be beneficial for both sides.

If the Giants want to get a deal done, they will definitely have to make some tough decisions on players they would have to part ways with.

The Giants Offense With Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson would immediately take the second-worst offense in the league to likely one of the better units. While fans may say that getting rid of Barkley or Engram gives Watson less weapons to work with, they would still have money to spend. Watson’s cap hit for 2021 is just over $10.5 million, a perfect spot since the salary cap is expected to be lower than usual. The Giants will have moves to make in order to create cap space, but signing a wide receiver in free agency like Allen Robinson or Kenny Golladay would instantly transform this offense.

Replacing the talent and production of Saquon Barkley will not be easy. His pass-catching ability alone will be hard to find in another running back. However, the Giants did find success later in the season with Wayne Gallman leading the pack. While Barkley is an amazing talent and fan favorite, the running back position is one of the most replaceable, and overrated in all of football. If a team’s offensive line is solid, any running back would flourish.

Final Word on Watson

The Giants are unlikely to even call the Houston Texans in hopes of a trade for their young quarterback. While it is a pipe-dream to many, the Giants have a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional talent to finally put them over the edge.

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