Four Potential Dwayne Haskins Team Fits

Dwayne Haskins Team
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After a tumultuous two years, quarterback Dwayne Haskins is no longer a member of the Washington Football Team. Despite a seemingly endless string of injuries at the quarterback position, Washington decided they’re better off without the Ohio State product. Haskins has not lived up to his potential, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find another job. Even if it’s on a practice squad, chances are somebody will give Haskins a chance to redeem himself and save his career.

Potential Dwayne Haskins Team Fits

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all-in on Tom Brady, but what happens when he moves on? The 43-year-old superstar still looks like one of the best in the league, but his contract expires at the end of the 2021 season. It’s hard to imagine Tampa sinking too much into a backup, as this team is clearly in a Super Bowl or bust mindset. Investing significant draft capital or money into a position that won’t help a title run simply doesn’t make sense for Tampa’s current roster construction.

Haskins shouldn’t cost too much to acquire, and he offers more upside than anyone else you’d find on the street. This wouldn’t be the first time Tampa brought in a disappointing first-round pick, as they had Josh Rosen on their practice squad for the majority of the season. With Rosen now on the 49ers, Haskins can fill the vacated spot on the practice squad.

New England Patriots

Speaking of Tom Brady teams, the New England Patriots could use another quarterback. Cam Newton had his moments this year, but the fact of the matter is that he’s nothing more than a bridge quarterback at this stage in his career. Bill Belichick has a way of bringing out the best in his players, and perhaps his highly-accountable coaching methodology would be enough to bring out the best in Haskins. While Haskins probably won’t turn into a franchise quarterback, he can at least provide competition for Jarrett Stidham.

Pittsburgh Steelers

If the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers taught us anything, it’s that Mason Rudolph and Devlin Hodges are not starting-caliber quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger is an upgrade on the two aforementioned quarterbacks, but he’s clearly running on fumes and doesn’t have much left in his tank. Pittsburgh truly is a quarterback away from competing, as the Steelers boast a fantastic trio of pass-catchers, a great offensive line, and one of the best defenses in football. Haskins probably isn’t that quarterback, but Pittsburgh owes it to themselves to see if they can squeeze some magic out of him.

Indianapolis Colts

Philip Rivers is quietly having a pretty solid season for the Indianapolis Colts. The longtime Charger isn’t setting the league on fire by any means, but he’s having a good year and has his team in the thick of the playoff race. However, he’s also 39 and in the final year of his contract. Rivers is not a long-term fix, and Indianapolis still has work to do if they want to find Andrew Luck’s successor. Haskins would make a fine practice squad addition, and Frank Reich’s quarterback-friendly scheme could increase his odds of succeeding in a new environment.

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