Adrian Amos Has Been Everything the Green Bay Packers Wanted

Adrian Amos

When you talk about the Green Bay Packers secondary, Adrian Amos isn’t usually the first name that comes to mind. Of course, Jaire Alexander is usually the first member of the secondary to be brought up. Alexander is the Packers top cover cornerback. In fact, he has become one of the best cornerbacks in the entire NFL. After Alexander, the next name off that list is possibly Darnell Savage Jr., the second-year safety out of Maryland.   The Packers spent a first-round pick in 2019 on Savage Jr. and he is starting to play up to his potential. Even cornerback Kevin King could be brought up as well, though maybe the discussion revolves around how he can’t stay healthy or that his rookie contract is up after this season. While Adrian Amos is down the list, his play has shown that he deserves more respect and publicity.

Adrian Amos Has Been Tremendous for the Packers

During the 2019 off-season, general manager Brian Gutekunst cracked open the Packers wallet. He and the Packers signed four high profiled free agents that off-season to free-agent contracts.

Outside linebackers Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith were the two biggest names of that group. The “Smith Brothers” have been the backbone of the Packers pass rush since arriving. The pass-rushing duo has combined for 41 sacks for the Packers. If the Packers are in need of a sack, it usually comes from one of the Smiths.

The lone offensive free agent signing from that 2019 group was offensive lineman Billy Turner. While Turner isn’t in the Smiths’ category, he has been just as vital to the Packers success. He started every game for the Packers at right guard in 2019. This season, it can be argued that Turner has been the MVP of the Packers offensive line. He has spent time at right guard, right tackle, as well as left tackle. Wherever the Packers have needed him, Turner has stepped up and performed solidly.

Safety Adrian Amos was the other free-agent signee by the Packers from 2019. Similar to when discussing the Packers current secondary, Adrian Amos is usually the last player talked about when it comes to that free agent group. However, that doesn’t mean he should be the last player discussed. While he doesn’t grab headlines like the Smiths, or start at multiple positions like Turner, what Adrian Amos brings week in and week out for the Packers secondary is just as important.

A Veteran Presence

When watching Adrian Amos play safety for the Packers, he has similarities with a former Packers safety who played in the mid 1990’s. Eugene Robinson played safety for the Packers in 1996 and 1997. He teamed up with fellow standout safety LeRoy Butler to give the Packers one of the best safety duos at that time. Robinson wasn’t flashy, but he was steady. Former Packers defensive coordinator Fritz Shurmur could rely on the veteran Robinson to be the steady presence in the back of the Packers defense.

It appears that Amos is viewed similarly by current Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine as Shurmur did with Robinson. Amos might not receive much publicity or doesn’t get talked about like other safeties, but he does the little things the Packers defense requires.

When Amos signed prior to the 2019 season, he was entering his fifth season. Amos played four solid seasons with the Chicago Bears. While in Chicago, he teamed up with fellow safety Eddie Jackson. While Jackson put up big numbers, it was Amos who did the little things. Those little things- being solid in coverage, able to come up and support the run, and fundamentally solid in tackling, helped allow Jackson to make the plays he made.

Now in Green Bay, Adrian Amos is starting to do those same things to allow Savage Jr. to make plays similar to what Jackson has done. Savage Jr. hasn’t put up the same numbers Jackson did in 2018 while playing with Amos, but he does have three interceptions so far this season and is making more plays this year than he did in 2019.  A major reason that he is making more plays is because of Amos and what he is capable of doing.

More Than Stats

Savage Jr. is the type of player that will put up big numbers as he develops. He has the speed and athletic ability to be a big-time playmaker for the Packers secondary for seasons to come. For Adrian Amos, it is highly doubtful that he will ever put up big numbers. His best season, statistically, came with the Bears back in 2018 when he had two interceptions, one sack, 73 combined tackles, and one fumble recovery. While his numbers won’t ever blow you away, his play is steady, and he does the little things that helps his team win games.

He showed that on Sunday against the Panthers. While he didn’t have any interceptions, he did register seven tackles, a sack, and defended three passes. He was constantly in the right place at the right time.

Amos is once again having a solid season statistically. So far he has 69 total tackles, two sacks, one interception, and seven passes defended.   The numbers aren’t Earth-shattering, but they are steady. If the Packers had more players like Amos, steady and willing to do the little things right, their defense would be a whole lot better. Out of the four free agents signed in 2019, Amos doesn’t get the same publicity as the other three do, however, he is just as important. It is about time we start talking about Adrian Amos more because he is one of the Packers better players.

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