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Ryan Leaf Says Dwayne Haskins Reminds Him of Himself

Dwayne Haskins made the poor choice of attending a strip club without a mask on Sunday, leading Ryan Leaf to weigh in on the quarterback.
Dwayne Haskins Ryan Leaf

Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins has not exactly lived up to his NFL billing. Selected in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Ohio State product has struggled at the professional level, both on and off the field. Most recently, Haskins attended a strip club without a mask following Sunday’s 20-15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. This is far from the first time Dwayne Haskins has found himself in hot water, and it led former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf to say that watching Haskins was “like looking in a mirror”.

Ryan Leaf: Looking At Dwayne Haskins Is “Like Looking In A Mirror”

For those unfamiliar with Ryan Leaf, this is not a good thing. Back in 1998, Leaf was coming off a historical collegiate career and was considered one of the best quarterback prospects in recent memory. In fact, some believed that he could be a better quarterback than fellow draftee Peyton Manning. The San Diego Chargers took Leaf with the second-overall pick, and that decision blew up in their face.

Leaf made history with the Chargers, but the not the good kind. The Washington State product lasted just two years in San Diego, finishing with an underwhelming 50.0 passer rating while throwing 13 touchdowns to 33 interceptions. Most of his failures stemmed from a self-confessed lack of preparation, and that immaturity shone through time and time again with the Chargers, highlighted by his now-infamous shouting match with a reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune.

Haskins hasn’t been THAT terrible, but he has had a bumpy NFL ride. In 2019, some of his coaches believed he had dyslexia due to his struggles with the playbook (he doesn’t). Additionally, there were rumors that his early-season benching was caused by off-field issues and an underwhelming work ethic. While Haskins still has time to fix his career, the Ohio State product has seemingly done all the wrong things since entering the league.

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