With Playoffs on the Line, Colt McCoy Could Play Hero

Colt McCoy

With Daniel Jones out for Sunday’s crucial game against the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants backup Quarterback Colt McCoy can once again save the Giants season. The former third-round pick will be playing with something to prove; wanting to cast aside doubters and push the Giants past the finish line. Now is the time for Colt McCoy to be the hero for an up and down Giants season.

With Playoffs on the Line, Colt McCoy Could Play Hero

Colt McCoy played her before when he managed the Giants to a stunning win against the Seattle Seahawks two weeks ago. McCoy did not provide theatrics in the game, passing for just 105 yards, a touchdown, and one interception. He was careful and managerial, allowing the defense and the running game to play a bigger role in the win. That performance is what the Giants need this week.

A Healthy Colt McCoy is Better Than a Hobbled Jones

With  Jones looking like just a shell of himself in last Sunday’s demoralizing loss to the Arizona Cardinals, McCoy might be the better bet to keep the Giants in the game against a hot Browns team. He will at least be fully healthy.

A major factor in the loss to the Cardinals last week was Jones being hampered by his hamstring injury. During the game he also picked up an additional ankle injury. Jones’ lack of mobility— not attempting a single carry—made him a sitting duck in the pocket against Arizona.

Colt McCoy may have to be more than a game manager

However, considering the points the Browns are putting up this season—ranking 13th in the NFL in points per game (26.8)—McCoy just might have to be more than a game manager this time around. Comparatively, the Giants rank 31st in the league with just 18.3 points per game.

To ensure McCoy can be more agressive, Head Coach Joe Judge and assistant Freddie Kitchens, who is now calling offensive plays after Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett tested positive for COVID-19, to open up the playbook. Inventive play-calling will be vital for trying to keep up with a Browns team that hung 42 points on the Baltimore Ravens in an epic Monday Night Football game.

The Giants cannot solely rely on McCoy making plays, though. That would ask too much out of McCoy. The defense will have to come ready to play and contain Baker Mayfield and the dangerous run game of the Browns. Even then, the Giants may have to score 30 to 40 points to have a chance at victory. Suffice to say, the Giants must not commit any turnovers in this game.

That said, 105 yards passing and one touchdown will not cut it this time around. McCoy must take shots downfield and get Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, and Darius Slayton all involved. Perhaps even get tertiary receivers like C.J. Board, Austin Mack, and Dante Pettis involved. Again, up the playbook, so it’s more conducive for McCoy to thrive.

McCoy cannot be the entire hope for the Giants. Just give him the infrastructure to succeed and hope for the best. That said, losing this game should not be that much of a setback, especially if the Washington Football Team loses to Seattle on Sunday.

Lastly, Sunday’s match will be an emotional game for McCoy, too. He has no ill will toward Cleveland and has fond memories of his time in Cleveland.

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“I was appreciative of my time with the Browns. I wish we could have won more games,” said McCoy, who was selected in the third round by Cleveland out of Texas in the 2010 NFL draft. “There are some great people within that organization. The fans and the people in Cleveland are awesome. My wife and I really enjoyed our time there. We just didn’t win enough. That’s about all I’ll say about Cleveland. I think right now our focus and our team’s focus is we still have stuff to play for. They’re a good football team. They’ve won a lot of games. We have our hands full with their guys up front. We know what we need to do to win this game. We have to prepare and focus and be ready to go out there and execute.”

Last Word

McCoy starting Sunday will be beneficial in two ways.

First, hopefully McCoy can rise to the occasion and deliver as he did in Seattle. Two, by starting McCoy, the Giants can keep Jones well-rested so he can come back when he is 100 percent healthy; ideally for the playoffs.

While the Giants and their fans should not expect a win, winning becomes more realistic and achievable with McCoy at the helm. If he does and the Giants come out victorious, McCoy could be a hero in the time the Giants needed it the most.

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