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The Chicago Bears Quarterback Room Needs a Change

Bears Quarterback

Since the days of Sid Luckman and the T-formation, the Chicago Bears have found themselves without a true signal caller. Despite moments of hope under Jim McMahon in 1985, and a twist of Rex Grossman in 2006, the team has not found stability. Additionally, when it comes to selecting a quarterback, the lack of scouting has consistently been displayed. None more recent than in 2017 when Chicago made arguably one of the worst decisions in franchise history. It started one of the worst Bears quarterback situations in years.

At the time, Chicago was picking third behind the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns. The Browns wisely chose Myles Garrett, but the Bears traded from third to second to select North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky. This happened despite Pro Bowlers Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson on the board. In other words, Chicago grabbed the least desired of the bunch. Additionally, they chose to avoid selecting protection for him and as a result, the organization once again looks lethargic.

Given how the league is now driven around quarterbacks, the Chicago Bears continue to stay in the fossilized age of “Bears football” and have yet to evolve. Thus, their fans are resorting to stuffing their faces of misery with deep dish pizza and other famous staple foods. This offseason however, they can change all of that.

The Bears Need to Start Fresh at Quarterback

Ryan Pace attached his legacy to Trubisky, and as a result is likely to be gone at the end of the season. Head Coach Matt Nagy was brought in to fix the offense and unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out well and thus he may be on the outside as well. Whomever does come in to fix this mess is grateful for the number of quarterbacks that are expected to come out in this draft.

Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance are likely to be off the board. So, the Bears must search deeper. A player like Zach Wilson or Kyle Trask would be ideal for today’s league. Additionally, theĀ  team must draft players in the trenches to protect their future. Just how Dallas invested years in drafting strong offensive line players, the same recipe must be followed by Chicago.

Furthermore, the Bears cannot afford to let the defense continue to age. They have had consistent success on that side of the ball, and late round picks must be invested on that side to fortify talent and solidify depth. Unless a generational player is on the board, the Bears must use the late picks to scout talent while using the higher picks to adapt to the style of league play.

There is a standard in the Windy City that the fans expect from their team. For years, they have fallen short. No longer can Bears fans accept mediocrity given how their division is. 2020 has been a year of uncertainty and disappointment. But if Chicago turns the corner, it will be known as the year that everything changed. Only time will tell however, if Chicago can finally find their franchise quarterback that was not a reach, but a reward.

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