Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs Key Matchups

Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

On Sunday night, the Las Vegas Raiders will continue their run against divisional opponents by taking on the Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium. There are several important matchups to consider when trying to determine a winner, but Josh Jacobs and Devontae Booker are likely the keys to a Raiders victory. The Raiders will need to keep the touches of Jacobs and Booker high if they want any chance at victory this weekend.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs Key Matchups

Josh Jacobs and Devontae Booker vs Chiefs Defense

The one-two punch of Josh Jacobs and Devante Booker has worked out tremendously thus far. Both running backs seem to be getting stronger as the season goes on. They both also seem to feed off of each other during games. When Booker starts breaking off big runs, then Jacobs comes back into the game shortly after and does the exact same. Booker runs like a hammer, constantly crashing into defenders at full speed. Meanwhile, Jacobs is constantly making defenders miss with precise jump cuts and strong stiff arms. This lethal combination helps keep opposing offenses off the field, thus allowing the defense to be more rested throughout.

The Chiefs’ defense is a lot better than they were when these two teams last played each other. The defense is top 10 in both passing yards allowed and interceptions. Where the weakness lies is in their run defense. They are currently the fifth-worst in the league in terms of rushing yards allowed. This is in spite of them having one of the premier defensive tackles in the league in Chris Jones. Controlling the clock with extended drives should be no issue for the Raiders this Sunday.

The Other Key Matchup: Raiders Defense vs Patrick Mahomes 

There will definitely be a lot of pressure on the defense this Sunday. The majority of the starters do not get to practice all week thanks to the COVID protocols. To make matters worse, the Chiefs will be well-rested coming off a bye week. On the bright side, the defense is coming off a five-turnover performance against the Denver Broncos. Hopefully, the defense can have a similar-like performance this Sunday and surprise us all.

Due to a recent string of subpar games by Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes has started to separate from the pack in regards to the MVP race. One can assume he will be more motivated than ever to avenge his only loss of the season. There is no stopping Mahomes, but you can slow him down. The Raiders’ defense showed everyone this by only rushing four defenders and dropping everyone else into coverage. This only works though if you can generate pressure with your front four. If you have to blitz to generate pressure, then Mahomes will eat your secondary alive.

Last Word on Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

Over the last few days, the Chiefs have been manifesting some fake drama for this weekend’s game. Apparently, the Chiefs had, or still have, an issue with the Raiders taking victory laps around their stadium a few weeks ago. Ironic seeing as how several Chiefs players were caught dancing on the field during a blowout of the winless New York Jets. Apparently, only the Chiefs are allowed to celebrate victories in the NFL. Never has a team needed to be blown out more than the Kansas City Chiefs.

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