Daniel Jones Badly Needs a Mistake-Free Game

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones needs a turnover free game. And he needs it soon. The story all along on Jones is that he is dripping with talent and athleticism, but he is also prone to forcing plays. The latter issue of which has resulted in the Giants quarterback ranking second in the league in turnovers and third in interceptions. In New York, the local media, talk radio, and endless blogs have been raining down hard on Jones. And he has felt the pressure. Jones has to feel it’s him against the world right now.

Daniel Jones Really Needs a Turnover-Free Game

All of that outside noise has to be rattling Jones. The pressure to make good on his talent and play a turnover-free and smart game must be weighing heavily on his mind. Thus, it’s imperative that he tune out the noise and play a smart, turnover-free game on Sunday when the Giants hit the road to take on the Washington Football Team. Jones has to have a turnover-free game—something he hasn’t been able to do since Week 16 of last year. Maybe not so coincidentally, that was perhaps his finest showing ever. That day he threw for 352 yards and five touchdowns in a game the Giants won in overtime.

Talent Is There

Even if it comes in a loss, Jones would get a huge monkey off his back if he doesn’t throw a pick or cough up the ball with a fumble on Sunday. Jones just needs room to breathe. He needs to gain confidence, and a mistake-free game could go a long way in putting his mind at ease. Jones knows more is expected of him, and he knows what’s at stake for the second half of the season. More from CBS Sports:

“My focus is to prepare to win games, to play well and to improve week to week,” Jones said. “That’s my approach and that’s not going to change week to week. I take that seriously. That’s my job to play well. That’s where my focus is.”

There should be no disputing the fact that Jones has talent.

You don’t go toe-to-toe with Tom Brady and throw a potential game-tying touchdown in the last seconds on a brilliant last-minute drive without talent. When you throw for 3,027 yards with 24 touchdowns in 13 games in your rookie season, you are not lacking talent.

You can’t do this without talent.

Sure, he tripped himself up and he should have scored on that play, but all laughs aside, that run perfectly encapsulates the athletic ability and talent of Jones. It’s all between the ears right now for Jones.

Talent Around Jones and Patience

A shoddy offensive line and a lack of playmakers (notably the absence of Saquon Barkley and a competent running game) are also killing Jones’ development and confidence. In a microwave society where everyone wants immediate gratification there is something to be said for having patience. Jones needs that support system around him. And so far Giants coach Joe Judge is 100 percent behind his quarterback.

Last Word

Now, for Jones and the Giants, an even better outcome in Week 9 would be a turnover-free game coupled with a win over Washington. Do that and not only will Jones gain some much needed confidence, but the Giants would remarkably only be one and a half games back of the Philadelphia Eagles in the abysmal NFC East. There have been several franchise quarterbacks who struggled early on and then had a light switch go off. Jones has to seize that moment quickly before it all unravels. Jones doesn’t necessarily have to lead the Giants to the playoffs this season. But he does have to take some steps forward and combine his unique skills with a mental attitude to finally topple his inadequacies and limit turnovers.

Sunday would be a great day if Daniel Jones can go a game without a turnover and have his team in a position to win the game. It would go a long way in fixing what has been ailing Jones for far too long.

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