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Seattle Seahawks Most Difficult Games in 2020

In this article, we evaluate the Seattle Seahawks most difficult games for the 2020 season. A separate article will detail the easiest games.
Seahawks Most Difficult Games

Here at Last Word On Pro Football, we are analyzing every game for all 32 teams with the most difficult (1-8) in one article and the easiest (9-16) in a second article. This article features the Seattle Seahawks most difficult games for 2020.

Seahawks Easiest Games of 2020

Seattle Seahawks Most Difficult Games of 2020

1. Week 17: at San Francisco 49ers

Comparable to last season, the Seattle Seahawks finish off their season with a doozie. The San Francisco 49ers pulled out the close win, in a winner-takes-division game that propelled them to the NFC’s #1 seed. This game could be another all-timer. The Seahawks always play well against the Niners. With these two teams battling for a division this late in the season, The Seahawks will face an uphill battle in SF.

2. Week 8: vs San Francisco 49ers

There is a reason why the top two of the Seahawks most difficult games this year are against the 49ers. San Francisco has built a bully. If these two games are the hardest for Seattle though, it bodes well for the rest of their schedule. This game comes smack dab in the middle of the season, right when both teams should be finding their groove. This will not be as pivotal of a game as week 17, but it will mean a lot for future divisional positioning. The 12’s will be rocking and the Seahawks will need the extra help to overcome the juggernaut 49ers.

3. Week 3: vs Dallas Cowboys

With new head coach Mike McCarthy at the helm, the new look Dallas Cowboys look to make some noise this year. Their offense was already #1 in the league last year, and McCarthy’s coaching bests Jason Garrett’s by leaps and bounds. The Seahawks bolstered their defense in the draft in hopes of reinvigorating the Legion of Boom. They are going to need the help in a game against the dangerous Dallas offense.

4. Week 5: vs Minnesota Vikings

The Seahawks have had the Minnesota Vikings number the last decade. They have won the last four games going back to 2012. Some of those Minnesota teams were lousy while the Seahawks have been good,but the fact remains. Similar to last season, this will be a difficult game to win. The Seahawks took the lead late and never let it go, but the Vikings led at halftime. The Seahawks will need to bring their A-game in this probable bone cruncher.

5. Week 9: at Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills made a resurgence last season with just their second playoff berth since 1999. They seem to be a team on the rise with their highly touted young quarterback, Josh Allen. They will no longer be pushovers in the AFC East with Tom Brady out of the picture. The Seahawks will need their defense to play well with the new-look Bills offense with Stefon Diggs. This game is a toss-up, especially with it falling in Buffalo in November.

6. Week 12: at Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have had up and down seasons since their Super Bowl in 2018. They have also congruently been riddled with injuries. If the Eagles can manage to stay healthy, they will have a solid team. More often than not, head coach Doug Pederson’s teams tend to play well in primetime games. The Seahawks have not fared well against the Eagles in recent years either. They have lost 6 straight to Philly dating back to 2011. This will be a tough test for Seattle.

7. Week 10: at Los Angeles Rams

The old adage, ‘divisional games are always tough no matter how good the teams are’ applies to this game. The NFC West has been known to cannibalize each other. With this game being at the new stadium in LA, the Hawks face a tough test. They split the series last year with both teams winning in the others’ stadium. If Russell Wilson can bring his magic and scoot away from Aaron Donald, they can win this one. Look for a battle going into the playoff push of the season.

8. Week 7: at Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are going to scare teams this season. They started to play well towards the end of the season with rookie quarterback Kyler Murray finding a groove. They even beat the Seahawks in a much-needed game for Seattle in December last season. With the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, arguably the best receiver in the league, they will turn heads. Seattle will need to be able to outscore Arizona in this one. They are fortunate to have extra time to prepare for their first meeting with Arizona. This game comes directly after Seattle’s week 6 bye.

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