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Julian Edelman Says Tom Brady Is “Coming Back”

New England Patriots quarterback Julian Edelman said that free agent quarterback Tom Brady is "coming back" while at a basketball game.
Julian Edelman Tom Brady

Earlier today, I wrote an article about how nobody knows what Tom Brady is going to do in free agency. I should have clarified that no reporter knows what Tom Brady is going to do in free agency. Brady and wide receiver Julian Edelman took in a basketball game Saturday night, and cameras caught Edelman saying “he’s coming back” during the game. Brady proceeds to shake his head and mutter “this guy” under his breath.

While Edelman could be lying or just optimistic, it’s worth noting these two have a storied relationship and one of the closest friendships in the league. If anyone knows what Brady plans on doing in March, it’s Edelman.

Julian Edelman on Tom Brady: “He’s Coming Back”

It’s worth repeating that Julian Edelman is not Tom Brady and doesn’t speak for him. Despite Edelman’s pronouncement, there is still a chance Brady finds a new home in free agency. However, as discussed several times, Brady’s best fit remains in New England. According to multiple reports, Brady isn’t looking for a $30 million salary, but is instead looking for a multi-year contract to provide long-term security.

Brady and the Patriots have yet to begin negotiations on a new contract, but that shouldn’t scare anyone. There is a proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement which, if approved, would have a dramatic effect on how the salary cap is structured. Bill Belichick understandably wants to wait until the ratification of the new CBA to begin negotiations, as a new deal under the new rules could allow the Patriots to move some of Brady’s dead money down the line. The New Orleans Saints are doing essentially the same thing with Drew Brees, and nobody expects him to leave in free agency.

Julian Edelman remains under contract in New England, and he’ll obviously prefer to have his buddy under center. Last year, the former seventh-round pick played in all 16 games, recording 100 receptions for a career-high 1,117 yards and six touchdowns. While he didn’t earn a nod to the Pro Bowl, Edelman was one of the most valuable receivers in the league and played through rib, shoulder, and leg injuries in 2019.

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