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Mystery Shrouds Doug Marrone Ahead of Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 Season Finale

Conflicting reports are coming out about Jacksonville Jaguars' head coach Doug Marrone and his long term future with the franchise.
Doug Marrone

We’re on the Eve of the final Jacksonville Jaguars game of 2019. At this point the game doesn’t really matter. What happens afterward is what everyone is waiting for. With Tom Coughlin already gone, fans are left to wonder about the fate of Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell. Unfortunately, media reports aren’t exactly a crystal ball right now. In fact, they’re more like trying to read tea leaves. There have been conflicting reports about Marrone’s future all in the span of about an hour on Saturday. While it’s doubtful that the outcome of Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts will do anything to change Shad Khan‘s decision, we’ll likely have to wait until after the game to hear a final word from the owner on his current head coach’s future.

An Unclear Future For Doug Marrone

Conflicting Reports

As you can see in the above tweet exchange, nobody but the Khans know what’s going to happen regarding the Jaguars’ coaching situation. Dianna Russini of ESPN reported that Marrone was going to be fired. After the incredulity of some that a coach would be told he was fired before coaching his last game, Tony Khan (son of Shad Khan and SVP of Football Technology and Analytics for the team) issued a reply denying outright that Marrone had been informed that he would be fired.

There have been conflicting reports regarding Marrone as well as Caldwell ever since Coughlin was fired. Just this past Sunday, Ian Rapoport tweeted that there was a good chance Marrone and Caldwell would stay in Jacksonville. These conflicting reports give the appearance of chaos inside the Jaguars organization. Whether there actually is chaos is another story. The Khans likely already have a plan and are waiting until after the season to reveal it.

The Khans

After Khan fired Coughlin, he announced that both Marrone and Caldwell would be reporting directly to him for the remainder of the season. Khan normally takes a hands off approach as the owner. He let Coughlin handle football operations but now that he’s gone, Khan decided to step in for the final weeks of the season. The owner of the team has attended some practices along with Caldwell.

Tony Khan is reportedly going to take on an increased role with the team starting in 2020. He’s already in charge of Football Technology and Analytics. Could He move into a role such as Executive Vice President of Football Operations? While anything is possible, it’s hard to see that happening. He is also the CEO of All Elite Wrestling and deeply involved with Fulham Football Club. However, it appears that whatever role he takes he’ll be closely helping his dad if the team does in fact search for a new head coach and general manager.

The Future of Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville fans are ready to get the disappointment that was the 2019 season far behind them. High hopes were crushed in the 2018 season after a promising 2017 playoff run and reality has set back in at the end of this season. The Jaguars face a multitude of decisions besides Doug Marrone and Caldwell. Either way, there will be a rebuild. The roster lacks depth and the team’s salary cap isn’t in a good place. Marrone’s future should be clear within the next few days, but the Jaguars have a lot of work to do in order to become a successful franchise in the next decade.

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