Last Word on Football Episode 13: Where was this Saquon Barkley all Year?

Saquon Barkley

Welcome to this week’s very special Christmas episode of Last Word on Football with your hosts Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin, along with producer Daniel Acevedo. This week Ryan laments Saquon Barkley finally showing up, Seth makes a plea for a potential sponsor, and the two give their ideal Super Bowl matchups. To top it all off, they give a list of what players and coaches would fit in as holiday characters.

Episode 13: Where was this Saquon Barkley all Year? – Last Word on Football Podcast

0:00: Jason Garrett somehow still has a job after their terrible showing last week

4:00: Saquon Barkley finally has a good game

4:14: The Dallas Cowboys doing terrible is good for one thing – helping Danny lose his finals in fantasy football

6:05: Seth makes a declaration – Coors is not as good as PBR

6:53: Game of the week – New York Giants and Washington Redskins – Tell us your game of the week in the comments

8:19: Carolina Panthers got absolutely hammered by the Indianapolis Colts, but Christian McCaffrey still beasted out

10:53: Back to the game of the week, and Last Word on Sports Manager, Al Preziosi, gets roasted

11:45: The Cincinnati Bengals and Andy Dalton almost don’t clinch the number one overall pick

13:34: Fantasy watch list for next year – Mike Gesicki

14:10: Adrian Peterson wants to come back next year – should he?

14:47: A moment of silence for Bills Mafia after they lose to the New England Patriots. We also debate on John Brown being a legit number one receiver and if Tom Brady is fading too fast

18:36: Consensus – AFC Wild Card teams are going to get killed this year

20:05: Are the San Francisco 49ers starting to cool off, and did the Los Angeles Rams miss their window last season?

22:23: Seth’s boy Jameis Winston throws another four interceptions – will he go 30/30?

24:44: Did the Baltimore Ravens leave Lamar Jackson and their starters in too long?

26:40: Kyle Allen had not been great, but Will Grier came in and did even worse

27:40: Ideal and least ideal Super Bowl matchups according to your hosts

29:54: Pittsburgh Steelers still alive despite poor quarterback play and a plethora of injuries

31:08: Derek Carr truthers are driving happy along with the gym teacher Hunter Renfrow, and what the heck is the NFL gonna do about the Chargers?

34:24: Which stadiums have the biggest capacity?

37:45: NFL coaches and players as holiday characters

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