A List of Things That Green Bay Packers Fans have to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Recently one of our readers let us know that we need to be more positive when it comes to writing about the Green Bay Packers. The reader explained that true fans need to keep a positive outlook while discussing the Packers and that we shouldn’t be so harsh while discussing the Packers and what is going on. So, since this week is Thanksgiving, we thought we would grant this reader his wish, and the rest of the readers that live in the same land that he does where unicorns roam, dogs and cats live in harmony, and that people sing when you want to buy another person a soda. So, here is a list of things that Green Bay Packers fans have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

A List of Things That Green Bay Packers Fans have to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Now, in reality, you can’t be positive about everything that happens in the world today and especially when talking about the Packers who now sit at 5-5 and are circling the drain when it comes to earning a playoff spot. Here are some things that Packers fans have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Aaron Rodgers

If you didn’t know how blessed the Packers are to have Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback, then you do after watching the Packers drop three of their last four games. Rodgers isn’t just a great quarterback, he is the Packers best player. When he doesn’t play, the Packers are a very average to below average team. Not only does he make the Packers offense explosive, but he covers up the deficiencies on the defense and on special teams.

With Rodgers, the Packers have won numerous NFC North titles, led the Packers to the playoffs, and led the Packers when they won their last Super Bowl back in 2011. As much as Packers fans are thankful to have Rodgers as the quarterback, head coach Mike McCarthy probably is even more thankful.  This past Sunday, Packers fans witnessed Rodgers’ replacement Brett Hundley throw three interceptions and lose a fumble, giving another major reason they are thankful to have Rodgers.

Davante Adams

Unlike Jordy Nelson who has struggled without Rodgers since his injury, wide receiver Davante Adams has shown that he is an up and coming star in the NFL. Even with Hundley struggling since taking over for Rodgers, Adams has still produced and has been the Packers go to receiver. On Sunday against a very tough Baltimore Ravens pass defense, Adams hauled in eight catches for 126 yards, showing that he can be depended on whomever is at quarterback. Adams is in store for a big contract this off-season and the Packers should be willing to open up the checkbook to do it, even if it means saying goodbye to Nelson.

For Miracles

Christmas season is the time of miracles, but it might have come early on Sunday in Green Bay when outside linebacker Kyler Fackrell registered his first sack of the season. The thankful part of Fackrell getting is first sack is that he really shouldn’t come near the quarterback with how he plays. The former third round pick lacks the strength and explosiveness to contribute at the NFL level. That is pretty obvious to everyone except the Packers coaching staff who keeps trotting him out on a regular basis. Sadly, Fackrell isn’t going anywhere after Clay Matthews, once again, suffered an injury (groin) and had to leave the game on Sunday against the Ravens.

For the Truth Coming Out

Being thankful can be a term used in several different ways. You can be grateful for having a certain player on your roster, grateful for the stadium that your favorite team plays in, or if you finally discover the truth about something or someone when it comes to your favorite team.

Packers fans are grateful that the truth has finally come out about Mike McCarthy and his “quarterback whispering skills”. Many of the so called experts who are paid to cover the NFL have spoken about how McCarthy and his staff are elite at play calling and developing young quarterbacks. With Hundley’s play the past three games, Packers fans, and now the so called experts, know that the truth has come out: they aren’t as good as many believe they are.

Hundley has spent three years under the “quarterback whisperer’s” leadership and he looks about as unprepared as a quarterback can look. Both McCarthy and his staff overestimated Hundley’s ability or they just didn’t get the job done getting Hundley ready to play. If the latter, then many should wonder what they have been doing the past three years with Hundley. Since McCarthy calls the plays, not offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett, McCarthy needs to take the blame for the lack of production out of his quarterback that he has groomed the past three seasons.

Eras Coming to an End

You can’t blame the Packers defense for the 23-0 loss to the Ravens on Sunday. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take blame for the disappointing performance the Packers have put out this season, or even for seasons past. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers hasn’t gotten the job done, no ifs or ands about it. With coordinating a bend but don’t break defense, with most the time breaking, the Packers defense under Capers leadership has failed. Without Rodgers covering up for Capers and the defense’s failures, they have been downright awful. The thankful part about this is that it looks like it will be Capers last season as the Packers defensive coordinator. If his tiresome tenure continues, Packers fans will be downright irate going into next season.

For Inexpensive Tickets

With the Packers not producing on the field, it has meant cheaper tickets for Packers fans. Without Rodgers on the field for the Packers, the secondary market has been tough sledding to get top price for Packers tickets. If Packers fans love football and want to watch a game at one of the best NFL stadiums, the time is right to do so.

Everyone loves it when things are peachy, but in reality, there aren’t a lot of positive things to be thankful for when it comes to the Packers play since Rodgers has been out.  At this point, the Packers are hanging on by a string. If they aren’t in playoff contention in the next couple of weeks, there will be no reason to bring back Rodgers and put his healing collarbone in jeopardy. If that is the case, the Packers will be playing for a higher first round draft choice, something Packers fans aren’t accustomed to doing.

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