Nick Foles is Not the Answer for the Kansas City Chiefs

Nobody is more loved than a backup quarterback. Truer words have never been said.  This holds especially true, it seems, for the Kansas City Chiefs. With a quarterback like Alex Smith it might seem understandable that fans want to see what the backup can do.  Smith is not a flashy quarterback. He doesn’t put up great numbers. Sometimes it seems like all he can do is not lose the game for the Chiefs. Alex Smith is not the quarterback that Chiefs fans want, he’s the quarterback though that the Chiefs need.

Nick Foles is Not the Answer for the Kansas City Chiefs

Nick Foles had a very good 2013 season. It is hard to argue against that point.  He threw for 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. That’s impressive to say the least especially for only starting ten games and playing in thirteen. However, step back from those stats and look at other stats.  Foles threw for 2,891 yards. That same season Smith threw for 3,313 yards, 23 touchdowns and seven interceptions. The stats aren’t that far off. That was Foles best year statistically by far. Alex Smith would start 15 games that season versus Foles 10 starts though.

An Anomaly Season

2013 was Foles best season and it’s not even close. At that time the former Arizona Wildcat was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly. Not only was this Foles best season but it was also Kelly’s best season. Kelly has since then experienced three straight losing seasons. In 2014 Nick Foles played in only eight games due to a broken collarbone. The Eagles starting quarterback threw for 2,163 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions in those eight games. His touchdowns went down as his interceptions went up.

Starting Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams

Foles was traded to the St. Louis Rams in the off-season. This would be his one and only season with the Rams. He would start and play in eleven games for the Rams in 2015.  He would be benched for Case Keenum. His stats in 2015 were not any better. The former Eagle threw for 2,052 yards, seven touchdowns and had 10 interceptions while he was a Ram. Nick Foles was looking more and more like a shell of his 2013 self.

Enter the Kansas City Chiefs

In 2016 Nick Foles would be released from the Rams and sign with the Chiefs in the off-season.  By signing with the Chiefs, Foles would be reacquainted with the coach who originally drafted him in Andy Reid. The Austin, Texas native would play two games for the Chiefs while Alex Smith was in the concussion protocol. Foles played decently in the games against the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars. He completed three touchdowns, zero interceptions and 410 yards. It wasn’t a flashy performance by any means but he got the job done.

Quarterback Controversy

Kansas City fans have never fully been satisfied with Smith since he arrived from the San Francisco 49ers in a trade. When Chiefs fans saw a performance from Foles that featured him throwing downfield they wanted more. However, the strength of the 2016 Chiefs is the defense and special teams, not the offense. What Alex Smith does better than basically anyone in the league is manage the game. He might just be a game manager but he’s a good one at that. He won’t take too many unnecessary risks and put the defense in bad situations. This bodes well for what the Chiefs are trying to do. It is not what fans want to see from their team but it’s how Kansas City is currently 10-4. It’s how the Chiefs will have their fourth straight winning season after being 2-14 in 2012.