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Vancouver Canucks Trade Luke Schenn

A staple of NHL trade deadlines is veteran, stay-at-home defencemen. Luke Schenn more than qualifies. The Vancouver Canucks trade Luke Schenn to the Toronto Maple Leafs. In return, they will receive a third round draft pick.

Luke Schenn Traded

Before the team agreed to move Schenn out there was some debate among fans. On a team that shipped out their captain, Schenn provided leadership and professionalism. He also played heavy on what is – despite the number of fighting majors – a lightweight team.

Not getting as much attention is Schenn’s scoring since returning to Vancouver. In 49 games leading up to the All-Star break, he had scored twice with 14 assists. That’s not a lot, but it is for Schenn, putting him within five points of his career-high over a full season.

It helps, of course, that Luke Schenn has been riding tandem with the dynamic Quinn Hughes for most of the season. But being able to keep up and work well with star defencemen is a skill of its own, and worth considering. Despite his age and defensive focus, no one considered him a drag on Hughes’ ability.

All the traits those fans love about him also make Schenn in demand around the league. And today the *insertteamnamehere* decided to pay for him, sending *insertreturnhere* to Vancouver.

What This Means

It’s one thing to avoid saying the word “rebuild” and another to act like you’re doing one. The Vancouver Canucks are definitely in a rebuild, though it’s one that president of hockey operations Jim Rutherford and general Patrik Allvin hope is a short one.

Moving Luke Schenn might not be popular, but it was essential. Right-side defencemen, even ones as old as the 15-year veteran, are perpetually in demand. Without needing his presence for a playoff push, the Canucks decided to get a glimpse of the future instead.


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