NHL Predictions: October 27 Including St Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators

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Welcome back to another day of NHL Predictions. Each day, Last Word on Hockey takes a look at the games that are happening and gives our predictions for each one, breaking down head-to-head and other factors that may play in. We also have a featured game of the day, which is considered must-watch TV. Today’s featured game is the St Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators.

NHL Predictions: St Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators

Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins

Head-to-Head: Red Wings 0 – 0 Bruins

To start our NHL predictions, let’s look at the first game of the night. The Boston Bruins fans are in a state of grace right now as they started the season with a 6-1-0 record and are currently on a three-game winning streak. That’s definitely not a glitch, but considering they’re missing both Charlie McAvoy and Brad Marchand, it is pretty surprising. Changing coaches can really make a difference sometimes. But here’s the deal, the Detroit Red Wings are looking to begin again and go back to the beginning of the season where they got their first two (out of three) wins. They really need it. So, let’s make it fun and predict this game will go to overtime and Detroit will win because why not!

Prediction: Detroit wins, 3-2 (OT)

Florida Panthers vs Philadelphia Flyers

Head-to-Head: Panthers 1 – 0 Flyers

The last game between these two teams was absolute chaos, as it usually is with the Philadelphia Flyers. They combined for 18 penalty minutes (with Florida taking the majority of them) and it was a really hard-fought game. The Florida Panthers took the win and the Flyers took home a 4-3 heartbreaking loss. They’ll be dressed for revenge tonight. However, Florida is coming in after a 4-2 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks and they’ll be hoping karma is a [hockey] god because they could use a win now. So, moral of the story – it should be a super fun, chaotic game once again and there’ll be nothing new as Florida takes home the win.

Prediction: Florida wins, 3-2

Minnesota Wild vs Ottawa Senators

Head-to-Head: Wild 0 – 0 Senators

Honestly, this one is pretty easy so there’s not much to say. The Minnesota Wild are really bad this year. The Ottawa Senators are really good this year. Minnesota just won their second game of the year. Meanwhile, the Senators are on a four-game winning streak. The Wild is literally wild for a win right now (bad pun, sorry) and they really need to step up but today is not the day they’ll start a little winning streak to make everyone happy. Tonight, they’ll continue to live a story they know all too well and lose. Again.

Prediction: Ottawa wins, 5-2

Montreal Canadiens vs Buffalo Sabres

Head-to-Head: Canadiens 0 – 0 Sabres

To say that the Buffalo Sabres have been surprisingly good to start the year is an understatement. They’ve lost only two of their first six games and that’s a huge step from the past two seasons. Nothing is left of the “you’re on your own, kid” mindset the former coach used to have. They’re playing like a team now. And because of that, they’ve won their first game against both the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames, both of which are top teams in the league. And their goaltending has been stellar. So one would think they can easily win against the Montreal Canadiens, right? And whoever thought that is correct.

Analyzing the four games those two played last season, it’s safe to say Buffalo should win this one – as they did three times the year prior. However, they’re just coming home from a long road trip out on the West Coast after leaving some snow on the beach [a.k.a a loss, like Taylor Swift calling Lana Del Ray’s participation in this song a feature] in Seattle. It can be tiring, especially for the younger players that are doing it for the first time. So, just to make things fun, the Canadiens will take the win this time. Just this time.

Prediction: Montreal wins, 2-1

St Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators

Head-to-Head: Blues 0 – 0 Predators

The first of four meetings between the Blues and Predators this year highlights this set of NHL Predictions. St Louis is off to a superstar start this year, winning three out of their first four games, while the Predators have dropped five straight since winning both games against the San Jose Sharks in Prague to open the season.

Improbably, goaltending has been the root of Nashville’s recent losing streak. The team certainly hasn’t been elite on both sides of the puck, but defensively, they’ve been middle-of-the-pack at worst. Their scoring chance against numbers sits at around league average or slightly better, depending on the stat. Yet still, Juuse Saros has just a .894 save percentage through his five starts, allowing four goals on two occasions since stopping 30 of 31 shots in his season opener against the Sharks. Currently expected to start, he’ll need a big bounceback game for the Predators to climb back toward the .500 mark.

For the Blues, it’s been the Vladimir Tarasenko show early on. The 30-year-old winger is showing no signs of slowing down his offensive pace after a rebound year last season, leading the team with six points in four games going into last night’s matchup against the Oilers. Their penalty kill had also been perfect through those four games. Thomas Greiss, who stopped 39 of 42 shots in a 4-0 loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Monday, will likely start his second game as a Blue as Binnington got the nod yesterday.

Something has to give for Nashville, though, and you can’t expect Saros to continue this type of performance for long. He’ll rebound tonight against a Blues team on the second night of a back-to-back with travel and guide the Predators to their third win of the season.

Prediction: Nashville wins 3-2

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