Auston Matthews Suspended Two Games For Crosschecking Rasmus Dahlin

Auston Matthews Suspended
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The Department of Player Safety announced today that Toronto Maple Leafs Forward Auston Matthews has been suspended for two games. The suspension comes for cross-checking Buffalo Sabres Defenceman Rasmus Dahlin.

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Auston Matthews Suspended Two Games

The incident happened after Matthews and Dahlin got into an altercation near Sabres Goaltender Craig Anderson. Dahlin went after Matthews trying to keep him away from the crease. When Matthews fought back, he checked Dalhin in the head, which led to the suspension.

Matthews is on pace for one of his best seasons statistically, with 77 points in 56 games so far, and a 6 goal lead above the competition in the Rocket Richard Trophy race. This is the 24-year-old’s third season above 70 points, as he had a 73 point campaign in the 2018-2019 season, and an 80 point campaign in the shortened 2019-2020 season.

The Leafs have been struggling with injuries and underperformance, and this is just another player that the Leafs are going to have to live without for the next two games, as Matthews serves his suspension. Dahlin and Matthews both stated in interviews that it was just an act of pure frustration and that they were simply just playing the game.

What This Means For The Leafs

The phrase “What else could go wrong?” is really applying to the Leafs so far this season, after losing Jack Campbell to a rib injury, the Leafs will now have to play their next two games without their star forward. Although it can’t necessarily hurt their goaltending any further it will hinder their offence as he is on pace for the best season of his career.

The Leafs have struggled the past few games, and this recent performance against the Sabres has been frustrating for the team, which is now evident by the incident against Rasmus Dahlin. There will most likely be a much-needed shake-up to the roster in order to save the season that once looked quite promising for the “win now” Leafs.

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