Seattle Kraken Sign Marcus Johansson

Marcus Johansson

As the Seattle Kraken sign Marcus Johansson to a one-year deal, worth $1.5 million. one thing is sure the Kraken know exactly what they’re getting. The eleven-year veteran has been a model of consistency throughout his career, even as his use has varied.

Kraken Sign Marcus Johansson

Drafted 24th overall in 2009 by the Washington Capitals, Johansson spent his first seven years in the league being a strong possession player while contributing a bit better than .5 points per game. He was then traded to the New Jersey Devils in 2017, just missing the Capitals’ Stanley Cup run. Over the next three years, Johansson played in New Jersey, Boston, and Buffalo. He totalled 74 points in 147 games – a bit less than .5 points per, but his strong possession numbers remained.

In fact, it wasn’t until the 2020-21 season Johnsson had any sort of notable decline. In 36 games, he scored just six goals and 14 points, with the lowest Corsi of his career at 46.9%. Obviously, his new team expects last season to be the aberration, not the rule. They have protected themselves a little, reducing the $4.5 million deal he had signed with Buffalo considerably.

What Else Johansson Brings

When Seattle signs Marcus Johansson it’s for the bottom six. He is a support player – and a good one – who can play at any forward position. In addition, the Kraken needs offence and Johansson can add that offence, but in a middle to bottom-six role.  He hasn’t been great when he’s been tried at the centre, but will in a pinch. It’s how he started his career and he returns there on occasion, but his strength is a checking winger. He’s not physical, but still has very good speed and is much more an anticipatory defender. And that should be what he’s getting paid for.

If they’re hoping for points beyond any sort of tertiary contribution, then this may not be the best use of their money.

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