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Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 62 – NWHL Isobel Cup & Brent Seabrook

Brent Seabrook

LWOS writers Logan Rosengard and Noah Foster, along with good friend Raffi Sarrafian, discuss news, updates, and more surrounding the most entertaining league in North America, the NHL! We post shows every Friday at noon CST, anywhere you get your podcasts. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, @pucktalklivepodcast. Today they discuss Brent Seabrook and women in hockey. 

Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 62 – NWHL Isobel Cup


In episode 62, Logan, Raffi, and Noah open by discussing two Chicago Blackhawks legends: Patrick Kane and Brent Seabrook. They each give their favourite memories in honour of Patrick Kane and his 1000th game. In addition, Brent Seabrook and his impact to the team over the years is reviewed. Next, the contract given to St. Louis Blues’ goaltender Jordan Binnington is broken down and analyzed. They discuss women in hockey in the second half of the show, including the NWHL Isobel Cup. All three agree that the NWHL is growing rapidly, and it should continue to do so over the next few years. With more and more people watching women’s hockey, the league will expand and grow larger and larger.

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However, the trio realizes that not all opportunities are equal. They address the severe lack of diversity in NHL front offices, and on their staff in general. All three agree there are plenty of knowledgeable women who could excel at some positions, but the rotating door of the same few people gets in their way. Stay tuned next week for the one-year anniversary of the Puck Talk Live podcast!

Who are Logan, Raffi, and Noah? Put simply; they are three high school friends who bonded over their strong love for hockey, and decided to share their thoughts with the world via podcast. All three are die-hard Blackhawks fans, but Logan also cheers for the Hurricanes and Raffi also roots for the Bruins. You can find Logan and Noah’s articles on

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