American Journalist Grant Wahl Dead in Qatar, Brother Accuses Foul Play

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BREAKING – American journalist Grant Wahl is dead. He was 48. Posts on social media started circulating after the Netherlands Argentina game. His brother Eric, who is gay, posted on both Twitter and Instagram detailing the events and accusing foul play. Grant was a pillar of the soccer journalism community, having covered the sport for decades. His World Cup coverage dates back to 1994. He came to prominence working for Sports Illustrated. He left SI during the pandemic and had since been successful as an independent writer and podcaster. He covered the United Station National Team and MLS at a level few have matched.

American Journalist Grant Wahl Dead in Qatar, Brother Accuses Foul Play

Grant Wahl went viral in the first few days of the World Cup, having been detained for wearing a rainbow flag shirt when he tried to enter a stadium to cover a match as press. FIFA and Qatar officials had previously assured the public that LGBTQ symbolism would not be censored during the tournament. Grant was at the front line of one of Qatar’s many heel turns during the past month. LGBTQ flags and clothing has been confiscated and tamped down.

Grant Wahl said on what was ultimately his final ever podcast that he was feeling under the weather. According to his brother, via Grant’s wife Celine, Grant collapsed at Lusail Stadium covering Netherlands Argentina. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. He had previously stated on his podcast and writing that he had visited the hospital while at Qatar.

“My name is Eric Wahl. I live in Seattle Washington. I am Grant Wahl’s brother. I am gay. I am the reason he word the rainbow shirt to the World Cup. My brother was health. He told me he received death threats. I do not believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed,” his brother posted in Instagram.

United States and FIFA officials could investigate to see if there was foul play. Grant was outspoken against the tournament being hosted in Qatar and the many human rights violations. On top of the migrant worker conditions and corruption surrounding this tournament, if foul play was involved because of his actions, Grant Wahl’s death will further shroud this tournament, FIFA, and Qatar in controversy and violence. Those responsible must be healed accountable. FIFA’s neglect in holding Qatar responsible with expectations and promises around this World Cup could have ultimately lead to Grant’s death. If so, blood is on their hands, which are full of Qatari money.

Last Word on Football recognizes Qatar’s human rights abuses and instances of corruption taking place throughout the nation and in the background of the World Cup. Learn more about some of the issues surrounding the World Cup here.

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