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World Cup Group A Final Day – Three Teams Still In It?

Virgil Van Dijk walking onto pitch for a World Cup Group A match

Ecuador face Senegal and the Netherlands battle with Qatar for a place in the last sixteen of the World Cup. Take a look at who can qualify from World Cup Group A, and exactly how they can do it.

World Cup Group A Final Day

The Netherlands

The Dutch are guaranteed to make it into the knock-outs should they avoid a defeat to Qatar. They could still make it out of the group stage even if they lose should Ecuador beat Senegal. If the Netherlands were to lose and Ecuador v Senegal ended a draw, Ecuador would win the group on five points followed by the Dutch and Senegalese teams on four.

Louis van Gaal’s side would definitely qualify if they lose to Qatar by one goal. If they lost by two goals, it would come down to group goals scored. If this is level, the Dutch finish second on head-to-head. The Netherlands cannot qualify if they lose by three or more goals.

Should both The Netherlands and Ecuador lose, second place will be determined by goal difference and then goals scored between the two teams, which is currently identical. If records remain this way, second place is decided on fair play (yellow and red cards).


The South Americans can guarantee qualification by beating/drawing against Senegal. If they lose, they can only qualify if the Netherlands also lose and the above goal-difference scenario applies.

Should both the Dutch and Ecuador win, first place will be decided on goal difference and then goals scored, followed by fair play points.


Senegal must avoid defeat in order to have a chance of making it out of Group A. If they beat Ecuador it is guaranteed; if they draw, they will need the Netherlands to lose and the above goal-difference and head-to-head scenarios to apply.

They can top the group with a win if the Netherlands draw or lose.


Qatar are already out of the World Cup 2022, having no points in the first two matches. This is a sad outcome for the Qataris, who are left striving for a first World Cup victory. They could, however, be pivotal in knocking the Dutch out of the competition with a win.

World Cup Group A Predictions

The Netherlands should beat Qatar comfortably on current form, placing the Dutch at the top of the group. Senegal and Ecuador is a close match, with Ecuador just about having enough to sneak a result against the African champions, putting them through in second place on goal difference.

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