Trent Alexander-Arnold: Leaving People in Awe Offensively, Whilst Proving Them Wrong Defensively

Trent Alexander-Arnold

When Trent Alexander-Arnold produced a last ditch, in-perfect tackle on Ryan Fraser to deny Newcastle United an equaliser at Anfield, before unleashing a rocket at the other end to seal all three points, it summed him up as a player. Defensively, despite what casuals may say, he completes every job asked of him. Meanwhile, going forward, there is no one better in his position.

This season, after a rollercoaster of a campaign last year, Alexander-Arnold has reached a new level entirely to put him in amongst the best players in Europe. As each week goes by, it becomes more and more clear that we are witnessing a truly incredible player heading into their prime.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Has Proven Doubters Wrong

Unstoppable Partnership With Mohamed Salah

When you have a player of Mohamed Salah’s calibre, the next thing you ask for is a player of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s ability. As Salah drifts inside, the space left is occupied by Alexander-Arnold. And the rest simply falls into place, as Jurgen Klopp’s chess pieces eventually leave him yelling checkmate.

So far this season, it could be argued that there has been no two players better than Alexander-Arnold and Salah. And the numbers back that up. Salah, in particular, has been on a level of his own. He leads the scoring charts, with 15, and the assists chart, with nine. Meanwhile, Alexander-Arnold has seven assists to his name. In total, the Scouse born defender has been involved in 12 goals in just 18 games. If there ever was a time to remind everyone that he is a full-back, too, then now is that time.

The current Liverpool side is full of so much elegance, but Alexander-Arnold and Salah’s partnership down the right hand side epitomises that elegance and class the most.

Defensive Numbers Speak Volume

One of the biggest myths you’ll hear in football is that Alexander-Arnold can’t defend. Even before this season, those shouts were uninformed and untrue. This is a player that defended more than adequately against Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo before hitting the age of 23. This season, however, at long last, the myth has been debunked as exactly that.

Alexander-Arnold has more clean sheets than, for example, Reece James. He has also made more interceptions, more blocks, more last man tackles, more clearances and has won more aerial battles. And that’s no dig at the Chelsea man; he is just unfortunate enough to play at a similar level to Alexander-Arnold in a similar role.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: One of the World’s Best

With a glue-like touch and a pass so precise you’d think it was a guided missile, Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of the best in the world, and not just in his position. When it comes to football’s creative outlets, not many, if any, do a better and more consistent job than the Liverpool man. Each week somehow manages to feature a new addition to the Alexander-Arnold highlight reel this season. And, as the season continues, so will the spectacle produced by the scouser.

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