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Gerard Piqué Pay-Cut Saves Barcelona Ahead of New La Liga Season

Piqué Pay-cut

Barcelona’s second captain, Gerard Piqué, has helped out his club massively. Almost 13 years to the day since his debut for Barcelona, the defender has taken a pay-cut that enables the side to register Memphis Depay, Eric García and Rey Manaj. The news comes ahead of their season opener against Real Sociedad on August 15. A club statement has confirmed the news.

Piqué Pay-Cut Saves Barcelona Ahead of New La Liga Season

Barcelona Rely on Second Captain to Register New Signings

Depay, García and Manaj will be thanking Piqué for his generosity. His gesture will put some Barcelona fans at ease going into the new season. The club will not yet have to registered Sergio Agüero, due to his injury. However, this ‘kicking-of-the-can’, will need resolving sooner rather than later. Financially, Barcelona are far from out of the woods.

From a footballing point of view, they will be somewhat relieved that they can start Memphis Depay in their season opener. He has been inspiring in pre-season and will want to hit the ground running. The Cúlers, without club-captain, Leo Messi, will need all the players available if they are to succeed this season.

More Negotiations Needed at The Camp Nou

The club also revealed that: “The club is also continuing to work with two of the other captains, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, to adapt their salaries to the club’s current situation. It must be noted that both players are totally and utterly willing to cooperate.”

Again, the financial struggle at Barcelona has reared its ugly head. Relying on senior players to dig them out of their dire situation. As mentioned prior, it will take more than just the Piqué pay-cut to solve their problems. The players will be hoping that football can take centre stage with the season starting, rather than the background fiasco that has been attracting attention- for all the wrong reasons.

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