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Andrea Belotti Contract Negotiations Stall

Andrea Belotti

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the contract negotiations between Andrea Belotti and Torino have hit a standstill. Belotti’s current contract expires next June, so Torino are aggressively pursuing a renewal.

The two sides have agreed on wages, but the stall comes from the potential exit clause. Belotti’s camp wants to see the exit clause at a range of €20-25 million, whereas Torino would prefer it to be higher and around €40 million.

Andrea Belotti Contract Negotiations at a Standstill

Reasons for the Stalemate

Belotti is now 27-years-old and will turn 28 in December. He had long been rumoured with a potential departure from Torino, seemingly every transfer window, but a move never materialized. This is due in large part to Torino typically demanding a hefty fee.

Belotti’s statistics have gone downhill lately, but not at an alarming pace. He remains one of the top strikers (talent-wise) in Serie A, and was a member of Italy’s victorious Euro 2020 squad.

He’s both powerful and pacey, allowing him to score in a plethora of ways from long shots, volleys, poaching style tap-ins, and dribbling around defenders. If anything, he slides in as the starting striker for most ambitious squads, but can also serve as a top substitute. For teams using two strikers, Belotti can mesh into this system as well.

The reason his camp wants a lower exit clause fee is to finally see him leave Torino if the opportunity comes his way. A fee of €20-25 million Euros is a bargain for the Italian. He’s in the prime of his career as well. Age and injuries can catch up to a player in no time, so it’s overdue for Belotti to be on a team with higher ambitions.

It wasn’t too long ago that a motivated Belotti tore up Serie A. In 2016/17, “Il Gallo” scored 26 goals in 35 matches.

Torino barely avoided relegation last season. Belotti clearly wants the insurance that he can leave should an offer come his way.


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