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Lionel Messi to Take Barcelona Wage Cut in New Contract

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With Barcelona struggling to make the La Liga wage limit, Lionel Messi is set to take a wage cut in his new contract, according to Sam Marsden and Moises Llorens of ESPN. The news of the new contract, also reported by Fabrizio Romano, squashes any criticism that the Argentine is willing to let the unstable ship sink for the sake of his own pockets. Instead, it proves the notion that, now more than ever, he is Barcelona’s leader and has their best interests at heart.

Those at the Nou Camp will hope that Messi’s contract will lead by example in the midst of a potential crisis. If the best player and captain can take a wage cut, then surely those below him can follow suit?

Lionel Messi to Take Barcelona Wage Cut

Set to Earn 50% Less

Lionel Messi isn’t just taking a small wage cut at the Nou Camp, either. In fact, is reports are to be believed, he will earn a staggering 50% less than his previous contract. He was at the club for the moments to remember and now, crucially, he is set to remain for the moments they’d rather forget.

Ronald Koeman and co are attempting to rebuild this summer and, up until the news that they’d failed to match the La Liga wage limits, they were on course to become a better side. Sergio Aguero signed, as did Memphis Depay and the Joan Laporta era kicked off with a bang. Since then, a ship which seemingly began cruising once more has looked on course for the biggest of icebergs.

The Messi news will undoubtedly help steer the ship away from the fatal crash, but more cuts will likely be needed at the club in order to avoid disaster. To simply put it, Barcelona players must make sacrifices this summer if they want to get back to silverware.

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