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Manchester City Make First Bid for Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Manchester City have made an official proposal to Tottenham Hotspur for star striker Harry Kane, according to Fabrizio Romano. The proposal includes £100 million plus the availability to include players in the deal. Spurs, however, have no intention to accept the deal. Kane, himself, has the Euros to focus on, with his England form recently coming into question.

Daniel Levy should expect this to go on all summer. And, without Champions League football, Spurs don’t really have a leg to stand on in regards to rejecting such offers. The initial thought was that many would be unable to come up with the initial price. Manchester City, however, have reportedly found little trouble when it comes to cash.

Manchester City Make First Approach for Harry Kane

A Deal Spurs Should Take

Admittedly, selling to another Premier League club is not ideal, but a transfer worth £100 million plus potential replacements for the outgoing Kane is surely one worth taking. As for Manchester City, securing Harry Kane would be the icing on the Premier League winning cake. They said farewell to a legend in Sergio Aguero in the season just gone. And what better way to replace a legend than by signing the best striker in the Premier League?

Pep Guardiola will be desperate to acquire the services of Harry Kane and Spurs are unlikely to receive many, if any, better offers this summer. From Kane’s point of view, too, this is a deal he’ll love to go through.

Watching on at the Euros as the Spurs managerial circus continues, he’ll want no part of next season’s eventual downfall. If they had any ambition, a manager would have been secured by now. The situation is not a good look and not an ideal way to prove to your star man that the environment is still suitable.

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