Trent Alexander-Arnold England Omission Likely

Alexander-Arnold England

According to David Ornstein of The Athletic, a Trent Alexander-Arnold England omission is likely despite Gareth Southgate’s newfound allowance of a 26-man squad.

In that squad, both Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish are expected to make it alongside others. Yet, as Ornstein reported, it will be Alexander-Arnold who will miss out. This comes despite the fact the full-back has been Liverpool’s best player since missing out on the last England selection. It comes despite the fact that he produced a man of the match display right in front of Gareth Southgate’s eyes at Old Trafford.

Should the report come true, criticism will rightfully be aimed Southgate’s way. Perhaps it’s a simple case that the manager does not know how to utilise the full-back’s strengths for England- strengths that would be bring success. And if that’s the case, the blame lies on the manager’s lack of ability.

Trent Alexander-Arnold England Omission Likely

Alexander-Arnold Omission Could Cost England

Should Alexander-Arnold suffer England omission for the Euros, his country will only suffer in the competition. The Liverpool man single-handedly dictates the game from right-back with his incredible passing ability. You won’t find many players who can do what he does from a position such as full-back.

And people will argue that he struggles with the defensive side of his game, but those who aim that shot often exaggerate. Just look at his performance at Old Trafford, for example, against two inexperienced central defenders. Whilst his attacking game was superb as always, his defensive game was worthy of that man of the match award, too.

He completed two interceptions, made three clearances and completed 1/1 tackles. In the season, as a whole, he has made – out of the Liverpool players – the most interceptions(44), won the most tackles(32) and has won possession the most times. And if comparing him to his teammates is not good enough then let’s compare him to fellow England full-backs.

Alexander-Arnold has won more tackles and interceptions than Reece James, been involved in six more goals – nine compared to James’ three – and has created 14 big chances – ten more than the Chelsea man. And to top it off, he has also been dispossessed fewer times.

Now let’s compare to Kyle Walker. Again, Alexander-Arnold has made 30 more interceptions, made and completed more tackles, created 12 more big chances and has been involved in seven more goals. On top of that, Walker has proven to be a defensive liability for City- conceding three penalties.

So, out of the three, one of which who has played next to inexperience for the majority of the campaign, should it be Alexander-Arnold who suffers England omission?

Southgate Could Cost England

With great power, comes great responsibility- the saying goes. Well, Gareth Southgate has all the power for England, but, with each day, seems to be acting with less responsibility. He has all the power to choose from England’s latest golden generation. Yet, he’ll likely choose out of form Eric Dier over the likes of Alexander-Arnold or Ben Godfrey.

It may not be the players that cost England this summer, but, instead, the manager himself.


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