Matt Beard Will Have the Odds Stacked Against Him if He Takes the Liverpool Women’s Job

Matt Beard

Current Bristol City Women’s manager, Matt Beard, is set to be appointed as the new Liverpool Women’s manager, starting next season according to The Athletic. Beard is currently overseeing a disappointing spell at Bristol in the Women’s Super League, where his side sit rock bottom with four games left to play.

Either way, no matter the current circumstance, Liverpool fans will be glad to see a new, permanent manager appointed. The Reds have been without a permanent manager since Vicky Jepson’s departure in January.

One would assume that a manger would have been appointed within the space of, at the very least, a month. Yet, here they are, towards the end of the season with interim manager Amber Whiteley still in charge.

That, right there, is one piece of what is a mountain of evidence as to how Liverpool have left the Women’s team out to dry in the last two years.

Liverpool Women Set to appoint Matt Beard

Matt Beard Will Have Some Job on His Hands

Whilst Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side were winning Champions League and Premier League trophies whilst making record deals, Vicky Jepson’s side limped towards WSL relegation with facilities more resemblant of a lower-league club.

Whilst the men’s team enjoyed Anfield and the new training facilities, the women’s side saw games postponed at Prenton Park and the new training ground become a place for others.

Klopp’s Liverpool became champions whilst Jepson’s side welcomed relegation, and not one person in the Liverpool hierarchy batted an eye. It is meant to be a football club, not just one team. Yet, somehow, Liverpool have managed to completely separate and disregard the women’s team. And they’ll eventually regret it as others progress in the women’s game.

Left Behind by Rivals

As the Liverpool Women’s team were left relegated, other clubs were welcoming and advancing the game with open arms. Since last season, some of the hottest prospects have joined the WSL, from Pernile Harder to one of the greatest women players of all time in Alex Morgan.

Manchester United Women have played at Old Trafford, Spurs have played at the new stadium, Chelsea and Manchester City have competed and dominated some of Europe’s best.

These are all top clubs in English football; all rivals of Liverpool. Yet, still, the owners are happy to watch their own side’s demise. Just imagine, for one second, that the roles were reversed. Just imagine if it was the men’s side relegated, manager-less and unable to compete with rivals.

The uproar would be heard all around the world. The same uproar must begin about how the Liverpool Women’s side have been treated. Then, and only then, will Matt Beard be able to take the side back to the WSL.

A rebuild will be needed, that’s unquestionable, but recognition is needed first. Liverpool must see the situation they are in. They have been left behind, forced to play catch-up. Now, the catching up must begin before they are left behind for good.

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