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Julian Nagelsmann Bayern Munich Appointment Could End Any Form of Title Competition

Nagelsmann Bayern Munich

The Bayern Munich Julian Nagelsmann era will officially begin this summer as the Bundesliga managerial merry-go-round continues. First it was Gladbach’s Marco Rose to Borussia Dortmund. Then it was Adi Hutter, of Frankfurt, to Gladbach. And now, it is RB Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann to Bayern Munich- an appointment that could see an end to any form of a Bundesliga title race.

The Leipzig man is undoubtedly the hottest prospect in the managerial side of football. At 33, he has already transformed both Hoffenheim and Leipzig, with limited funds. His style of football is as modern as it gets with a high-line and press utilised.

If you believed Bayern Munich’s dominance was impressive before, just wait for Nagelsmann to get comfortable.

Nagelsmann Bayern Munich Appointment Could End Any Form of Title Competition

Bayern Doing What They Do Best

Over the last week or so, the Bundesliga has been hit with heavy praise- with its 50+1 rule the talk of the Premier League town. It allows fans a voice at the highest point of the club- ensuring that the game remains one for the people.

But, amid that criticism, it is key to remember Bayern Munich. Where the Bundesliga can be praised for the aforementioned rule, it cannot be applauded for the predictable dominance of Bayern.

Each and every year they climb what should be the steepest of mountains with relative ease. And if any other team dare challenges them, then be prepared to welcome their club scouts into your stadium.

They’ve done it with Dortmund- taking Lewandowski, Hummels and Gotze. And, now, they’re doing the same to RB Leipzig. First it was their best centre-back, Dayot Upamecano. Now, to potentially place the nail in the coffin, they’ve taken Nagelsmann, the most important part of what could have been Leipzig’s title winning puzzle.

When they lost Werner, Nagelsmann transitioned them from an offensive beast to an impenetrable defensive unit. He turned their greatest weakness into one of their biggest strengths. Without Nagelsmann, without Upamecano, Leipzig will struggle to mount any convincing title push.

For several more years, expect Bayern Munich dominance. They have always had the best squad. Now, they have the best young manager.

Who Could Replace Nagelsmann After Departure to Bayern Munich?

Replacing Nagelsmann will be no easy task, that’s for sure, but, according to reports, Leipzig will look to keep the management position in the Red Bull family. According to Fabrizio Romano, Red Bull Salzburg manager, Jesse Marsch- the former assistant manager of Leipzig- is being considered.

The appointment would be a smart one, that’s unquestionable. He knows the club better than most and he knows the players thanks to his previous spell. At Salzburg, he took Erling Haaland and Takumi Minamino to new heights.

Hand him the young talent at Leipzig, and he could exceed expectations.

Another name mentioned by Romano is Erik ten Hag. The current Ajax manager has cemented his legacy at the club, taking them as far as possible. He took a young crop of players before turning them into Champions League semi-finalists and Bernabeu conquerors.

Again, like Marsch, with extra funding at Leipzig, just imagine what he could do.

Either way, whether Marsch or Hag, Leipzig have until the summer to decide their most important managerial appointment yet.

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