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From Liverpool to West Ham: The Most Expensive Football Sponsors in the Premier League

most expensive football sponsors

Since the Premier League’s inception, the amount of money invested in English football has increased dramatically.

The Premier League of England is now by far the richest league on the planet, and the world’s most powerful corporations want to be associated with it. It is broadcast on every continent, and the players are global superstars, so sponsorship is unavoidable.

Money Flows Into Premier League From Club Sponsors

Most Expensive Football Sponsors

Shirt sponsorships have risen in tandem with the rise in Premier League betting. With the immense popularity of UK operators including non GamStop sites and other licensed GamStop gambling operators, it has become a common practice for the majority of teams. Deals that were once thought to be unthinkable became the rule in 2019, with teams earning previously unheard-of amounts of money simply for wearing a brand’s logo on the front of their jersey.

In reality, in the last season or two, sleeve sponsors have started to appear in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the UK’s most expensive football Sponsors.

Manchester United (£64 million)

Manchester United has been financially successful in recent years, with new sponsorship partners being announced regularly.

The most lucrative contract was with General Motors, which paid the club $80 million a season to use the Chevrolet logo on the front of their jerseys. United has switched from Nike to Adidas, signing a world-record contract with the latter.

Manchester City (£45 million)

Manchester City’s £45 million valuation places them as the second most expensive football sponsors in the Premier League, according to Statista.

Etihad Airways sponsors the club’s stadium, and the airline’s logo appears on the front of their jerseys. Since the regulations permitted in 2017/18, Nexen Tire has been the club’s sleeve sponsor.

The amount of money spent by City under their current owner has not only brought the club’s most fabulous time on the pitch, but it has also seen them become one of the world’s highest revenue-generating clubs.

Chelsea (£40 million)

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich didn’t just want to win awards. He aspired for the west London club to expand into a superclub, with expansion plans in Asia and America.

Abramovich may not have made Chelsea the most valuable club globally, but they are consistently in the top ten or so in terms of sales.

In 2015, Yokohama tyres took over from Samsung, ending the Blues’ long-running relationship with the South Korean conglomerate. Alliance Tyres was Chelsea’s first-ever sleeve sponsor a few years ago, but Hyundai has since taken their place.

Liverpool (£40 million)

This European Champions remained one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. Liverpool’s success in the 1970s and 1980s cemented the club’s place among Europe’s elite, and Klopp has delivered football worthy of such a reputation.

Liverpool is a brand that companies want to be associated with now that they are back in the Champions League and are after league titles. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Standard Chartered is their new shirt sponsor, and they are generously compensated.

Arsenal (£40 million)

Arsenal became a global powerhouse during Arsene Wenger’s tenure. Though their popularity has diminished in recent years, the Gunners remain one of the world’s most influential clubs. If they must retain their Champions League status, they must return to regular status.

The Fly Emirates is the new jersey sponsor, and Adidas has taken over as the kit manufacturer for the 2019/20 season, making a fantastic throwback away shirt.

West Ham United (£10 million)

West Ham United has had their ups and downs with shirt sponsors. When XL went bankrupt in 2008, the club was forced to drop its logo from the front of its jerseys.

Alpari, who had been West Ham’s sponsor until 2015, had their deal with the club terminated when they went into liquidation. Betway has been on the front of the claret and blue shirts since they took over from Alpari in 2015.

Despite the aspirations of the two Davids, West Ham United is far from the top six in sponsor income in the Premier League.

Everton (£9.6 million)

Everton has had a difficult time in recent years. Farhad Moshiri’s investment has yet to yield positive results on the field, and football managers are regularly replaced. They are a strong brand and rank eighth on this list, known as any club in England’s top flight.

Sport Pesa, the Toffees’ main shirt sponsor, has been on the front of the iconic blue shirt since taking over from Chang Beer in 2017. Everton is also known for its Angry Birds sleeve cover.

Wolverhampton Wanderers (£8 million)

Wolves were the Premier League’s story of the 2017–18 season, winning a spot in the Europa League. Nuno Espirito Santo appears to be on track to lead the Midlands club to a long run in the competition, raising their profile across Europe.

Thanks to a Portuguese revolution, wolves are now a regular in the top half of the Premier League. ManBetX, who signed a new contract with the Molineux-based team in June 2019, is up to ninth on the sponsorship list.

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