Chelsea’s European Super League Withdrawal Could Begin Domino Effect

Chelsea’s European Super League

Chelsea’s European Super League withdrawal, which was first reported by BBC Sport, could have a significant domino effect as we continue the week when football made a stand. If they do pull out, they will become the first club to do so and free themselves from Perez’s deluded grasp.

The riots have clearly made an impact, those who have spoken out, too, deserve credit- from Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher to Jurgen Klopp, Marcus Rashford, Pep Guardiola and Luke Shaw.

They understand fundamentals of the English game. Without fans, football is nothing. This week has so far proved that.

Chelsea’s European Super League Withdrawal Could Be Beginning of the End

Hope for Football

Nothing has ever united the football world more so than the potential robbery of the beautiful game, which could potentially fall into the grasp of those with the deepest pockets.

Now that Chelsea are reportedly set to make a stand, others could follow- creating a domino effect. Chelsea’s money would have been a key factor in the formation of the European Super League. Take that away and the reward lessens  significantly.

And as the money drops, the motive behind joining the league drops as well. The players and managers don’t want it, the fans despise it.

It was a business decision by billionaires who tried to take our game away, use and abuse our history. Chelsea’s stand could be the first of many- especially now the money lessens and hate grows.

According to other reports, Manchester City have also pulled out. If Chelsea’s reported decision to drop out seemed a threat to the European Super League’s death, City’s would be the nail in the coffin.

And, rest assured, this is a burial in which nobody will pay respect to. This week, if all goes well, will go down as one of the most monumental in football history. The week the fans made a stand, it will be labelled.


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