Ed Woodward Resigns as Manchester United Chairman

Ed Woodward
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Following overwhelming fan backlash after the announcement of the European Super League, Ed Woodward has resigned as Manchester United chairman, according to the BBC.

Woodward has been a controversial figure at United, and his support of the European Super League did not help this.

His abysmal relationship with the fans is not a new revelation. Many will see this as a long time coming for the Essex man, given his badly received reign.

A smart man he may be – he graduated from Bristol University with a degree in physics. However, his time in association football will not be fondly remembered.

Ed Woodward Leaves Role at Manchester United

2005: When it All Began

Before United, Woodward cut his teeth as a financial advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Following this, he would take up employment at J.P. Morgan & Co. as an investment banker.

He joined Old Trafford in 2005, after helping the equally unpopular Glazer family in their takeover of the club. Two years later, he was given the responsibility of making sponsorship deals, most of which were successful. From 2005 to 2012, United’s commercial revenue increased by almost £69 million.

Woodward’s success and good relationship with the Glazers led to a huge promotion. He was appointed executive vice-chairman and was trusted to restructure United’s boardroom.

However, this new position of power would be the beginning of the end of Woodward’s credibility at Manchester United.

Transfers Made by Ed Woodward

His transfer policies have been maligned in the past. A notable example was the 2013 summer transfer window, where United fans were met with the acquisition of Marouane Fellaini. This was not what the Old Trafford massive wanted, a trend that would continue through his reign. Even at this early stage, United fans were already growing impatient with Woodward.

This was Woodward’s first transfer window, but things simply did not improve.

Former Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal saw his attempts to push commercial activity to be detrimental and excessive.

Woodward would go on to oversee the transfers of Radamel Falcao, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Angel Di Maria, all of whom underwhelmed. This is only a select few – there were plenty of other inadequate signings during his time.

Worse still, he reportedly blocked transfer targets by set by Jose Mourinho, despite United’s squad being in need of restructuring. Mourinho himself criticised Woodward for this.

Things grew seriously ugly in January 2020. A group of United fans stormed Woodward’s house, calling for his removal from the club.

If any one moment underlined Woodward’s atrocious relationship with United’s supporters, this was it. They would continue to call for his removal, along with the Glazer family.

Finally, United fans have their wish. Woodward has left his role as Chairman and a return to football for him at this stage seems unlikely. The future for United remains unknown, with many factors currently hanging in the balance.

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