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Bundesliga Concussion Substitutes Will Not Be Allowed Whilst Clubs Can Have Five Replacements

Concussion substitutes will not be permitted in the Bundesliga, with the league’s Football Commission deeming it unnecessary whilst German teams can make five substitutions.

Bundesliga Concussion Substitutes to Stay Sidelined, for Now

Possibility of Concussion Replacements to Be Reviewed Once Bundesliga Returns to Three Subs

Since the introduction of concussion substitutes in the Premier League on February 6, other European leagues have entered discussions about implementing a similar rule.

Per Kicker, however, the Bundesliga will not sanction substitutions for head injuries whilst German clubs have the ability to make five changes, increased from the original three since football returned after the coronavirus pandemic.

A meeting of the league’s Football Commission, which includes ten managers from across the German top flight, said they would “reassess the issue as soon as the Bundesliga and/or the 2. Bundesliga return to three substitutes per match.

“The background is that five substitutions are currently possible in both leagues”, added a DFL spokesman.
A stumbling block in the introduction of concussion replacements across other leagues is that, like the Bundesliga, the five substitutes rule has stayed, whereas the Premier League decided to revert back to a maximum of three, after triallling the use of five substitutions throughout Project Restart.

Concussion Substitutes in the Premier League

Explaining the use of concussion substitutes on their official website, the Premier League states: “If there are clear symptoms of concussion, or the video provides clear evidence of concussion, the team will be permitted to apply to replace the player with an additional permanent concussion substitution. The substituted player will not be allowed to return to the field of play.”

The need to introduce concussion replacements was highlighted in Arsenal‘s home match against Wolves in November, when a sickening clash of heads between David Luiz and Raul Jimenez left the latter with a fractured skull.

Despite appearing disorientated, Luiz was allowed to return to the pitch having initially left the field of play.

The consequences of that clash mean the English top flight will trial concussion substitutes ‘until the end of the season but can be extended into the 2021/22 campaign’.

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