REPORT: Football and Fans Set for December 2 Return

Football is set to return on December 2, with some spectators to be admitted too. Steven Swinford of The Times has reported that sport will return from December 2, with fans also back, using the government’s tier system to determine how many.

Football and Fans To Return on December 2

Tier System to Be Used for Amount of Fans

Swinford reported that the government’s tier system will be used to decide how many fans will be admitted back into sporting events.

In tier 1, 4,000 fans will be allowed back into outdoor venues, unless this exceeds 50% capacity, in which case that should be used instead. For indoor events 2,000 people, or 50% capacity, will be permitted to return, whichever of the two is lower.

In tier 2, 2,000 spectators, or 50% capacity, will be able to watch outdoor sporting events, once again whichever is lower. For indoors it will be the lowest of 1,000 people or 50% capacity.

In tier 3, there will still be a total ban on fans in the stadium.

This is a massive boost for supporters nationwide as it is one of, if not the, first times that they can watch their teams play in person since March of this year.

Financial Impact Will Be Huge

Not only is this good news for fans, but it is fantastic news for the clubs too. All clubs have struggled financially due to the lack of matchday income, especially in lower leagues, but this will go a long way towards helping that.

While for big clubs with large capacities this will not come near the amount that they would usually make on a matchday, it will greatly help the smaller teams who don’t have as much commercial income and rely so heavily on their income every match.

This is the first step in the road to fans’ return to stadiums, and will be welcome news to many.


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