Brighton & Hove Albion Chief Executive Paul Barber Insists ‘Season Ticket Holders Will Not End up Out of Pocket’


Brighton & Hove Albion Chief Executive Paul Barber has insisted that season ticket holders at the club ‘will not end up out of pocket’ following the news that some games will be screened behind pay-per-view. 

Speaking to the club website, Barber stated: “We have already made it clear, several times now, we will be refunding or rebating any matches fans are unable to attend, whether the match is behind closed doors, or limited capacity and they miss out in any ballot.”

Paul Barber Insists Brighton & Hove Albion Ticket Holders Will Not Be ‘Out of Pocket’

The Fallout of the Pay-Per-View News

Barber, speaking after the pay-per-view news, also went onto state via the Brighton & Hove Albion website: “As well as payment holidays last season, we have already frozen payments to season-ticket holders after six monthly payments this season.

“We appreciate the issue of personal cashflow is understandably becoming an increasing problem for some of our supporters.

“We have a board meeting early this week to review this again, as we have done periodically throughout the pandemic, and if there is any change to our existing policy we will update fans as soon as we are able.”

“The cost of the Premier League’s PPV offer is also significantly less than the typical rebate our fans will receive for each match they miss at the Amex.

“For fans in a multiple season ticket household, the savings on watching each game will be even more significant as they will receive multiple rebates but pay only one PPV fee, indeed if they choose to do so at all.”

Barber Calls on MPs to Do More

The Brighton Chief Executive then went onto call on the MPs to do more to ensure the return of fans, saying: “Perhaps it is time for the MPs in those smaller towns to step up and realise just how much football contributes to the nation, not just financially, but in terms of community, health and wellbeing, civic pride and so on. 

“My sense is that many MPs could do more to support their local clubs. MPs tend to be very vocal, and critical of the football authorities, when clubs have gone out of business but now is a time we need them to be vocal to stop clubs disappearing by helping us get fans back in to stadiums.”

The situation certainly seems far from resolved with fans still frozen out of stadiums and, following the pay-per-view news, seemingly asked to pay up or miss out.

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