Sale of Grady Diangana the Latest Questionable West Ham United Decision


In 2015, West Ham United fans were promised the world by owners David Sullivan and David Gold. “I would be disappointed if we don’t join the so-called big six within the next five years,” were the words of David Gold as West Ham prepared a move to the Olympic stadium. 

Sullivan then sent more dreams into the fans’ minds upon the move, saying “I’d like to see us win the Premier League and then the Champions League.”

Yet, here we are five years later. Here West Ham are, off the back of another relegation-threatened campaign with David Moyes in charge and a homegrown talent showed the exit door. Any idea of any form of the previously expected European football is far far away.

Sale of Diangana the Latest Questionable Decision

Broken Promises

The bubble from five years ago has been well and truly burst following one disappointing campaign after another. The promises made five years ago were more like fantasies made by the often criticised owners. 

The move to the London Stadium was meant to make them the next big thing. Instead, with binoculars undoubtedly in hand, Hammers fans are forced to watch on as their team struggles in the stagnating place of mid-table. 

The culture created at Upton Park alongside its unique atmosphere has been replaced by the soulless far away bowl that is the London Stadium. Gold and Sullivan promised to build a big club but instead destroyed what makes West Ham the club it is. 

And now, the sale of Grady Diangana, a young, homegrown academy product, looks set to be the nail in the coffin for any support for the West Ham owners.

Players Also Unhappy With the Owners?

Following Diangana’s departure, Mark Noble was quick to come out with a statement, via Twitter, which read: “As captain of this football club I’m gutted, angry and sad that Grady has left, great kid with a great future.”

The clear discontentment within the fans is bad enough, but when the club captain is the one aiming furious shots over a decision, then perhaps its time to make a change. Whether Noble is speaking for the entire squad is yet to be seen. If they do share his view on the situation, however, then the issue could spill over onto the pitch. 

We may even see the players and the fans unite against the ownership in what will be a crucial turning point for the club. Getting rid of Diangana, a player with such obvious talent to carry West Ham in both the present and future, for a quick money grab could prove to the last straw for many at the club.

The fact of the matter is, what began as a dream for bigger and better things is ending with broken promises and the soul of West Ham United being slowly drained out for all to see.

The culture of the club has been stolen from West Ham fans for the sake of what is becoming a cheerless bowl after broken promises and questionable decisions by David Gold and David Sullivan.

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