Aiden McGeady’s Sunderland Career is Over

Aiden McGeady

Aiden McGeady’s career at Sunderland appears to be finally over. The Republic of Ireland international was sent out on loan to Charlton Athletic in January, having been told by the then-new Sunderland boss Phil Parkinson that he was surplus to requirements.

Although he is back at the Stadium of Light, McGeady is training with the U23’s. With Parkinson favouring younger players in his position and the winger’s wages taking up vital space on the salary cap, there appears to be no way back for the former Celtic man.

Aiden McGeady’s Career at Sunderland Appears to be Over

Talented Youngsters Deserve a Chance

Phil Parkinson and Sunderland have a host of talented youngsters at their disposal. This season, with the introduction of the salary cap in League One and Two, it is now a case of use them or lose them.

Manager Parkinson is keen to include his young players in the first team this coming season, having seen them impress out on loan and on the training pitch. Speaking to the Sunderland Echo, Parkinson said: “I don’t want to block the pathway of our young players. We’ve got some good young players and I think it is time for the Elliot Embleton’s and the Dan Neil’s of this world to step up to the plate and be a part of our first-team squad.”

“Aiden trained with the U23s last week but unfortunately pulled his calf, which means he will now be unable to train for a period of time.”

Wages an Issue Due to Salary Cap

McGeady is on high wages for League One, and with the salary cap causing issues for all in League One and Two, the likes of McGeady are luxury players on big money that clubs can do without.

The current transfer window will continue until mid-October, therefore Parkinson is a little more relaxed than he usually would be as he attempts to offload the winger. Parkinson said: “He obviously counts towards the salary cap but there is a while left yet in the transfer window.”

Fall Out

When Sunderland replaced Jack Ross with Phil Parkinson last season, it didn’t take long for McGeady to clash with his new manager. The new boss was swift in his decision to place the winger on the transfer list after not being happy with his on and off-field behaviour.

“It is a big decision but not one we have taken lightly,” he said. “We have given it a lot of thought and I am confident it is the right decision for the club.”

Players Scared of McGeady

According to Lewis Morgan, who spent time on loan on Wearside, players were scared of McGeady, apart from one.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, Morgan said: “He’s ruthless. I’ve never seen anyone that ruthless. No one would say anything to him. He’d single someone out and no one would say anything. Everyone was scared of him.”

“He’s got a temper. Like in training, if things aren’t going his way, he’ll boot all the balls out the drill, just stupid things like that.”

“He would just cane boys. We had Luke O’Nien and he’d read books or study on the bus and Geadsy would be like, ‘what are you reading?’ Geadsy is smart, he’s clever. If anyone was ever talking anything clever, he’d always have to be part of the conversation to show that he was smarter, or had more about him.”

However, there was one player who did not like McGeady and his personality. That was tough-tackling midfielder Lee Cattermole. Morgan was asked if the pair clashed: “Aye, they did. They would never even have conversations with each other.”

Talented But Disruptive

There is little doubt that Aiden McGeady is a talented footballer. He is someone who can win a game on his own; however, if reports of his disruptive behaviour are true, then he is best kept away from the Sunderland first-team and the youngsters Phil Parkinson is using.

Football is a team game, not a one-man-band. Young players need confidence, and the likes of McGeady can have no place in the squad.

Sunderland now have the problem of how they are going to move the player on.

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