Dylan Levitt Could Be a Future Manchester United Star

Dylan Levitt

The class of 92 was a perfect example of the culture at Manchester United. Although, in recent years – there have not been as many success stories from the academy.

Dylan Levitt is a member of a group which are all showing great promise to succeed at the club. With Mason Greenwood already in the first team, the others like Levitt will be desperate to continue to develop and get first-team minutes, whether at United or on loan.

Levitt is one of the best technically gifted talents in the youth sides. He operates as a holding midfielder and dictates the game with his impressive passing range.

Dylan Levitt: Future Manchester United Star?


Levitt is usually the heartbeat of the team and likes to get onto the ball as much as possible. This is shown by his average of 69.7 passes per game, with a respectable 84.8% success rate. He has a great range of passing and attempts an average of 6.92 long passes per game. All our stats in this article will be sourced by Wyscout.com.

Levitt naturally drops deeper to pick the ball up, sometimes making a back three with the two other centre backs. This is so he can progress the ball with his vision and solid passing.

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The image above shows three of Levitt’s assets as a midfielder: movement, vision and passing accuracy. His movement to drift onto the left of a back three naturally makes the progression of the ball for the team easier. Levitt also uses good vision and accuracy to find Jesse Lingard with a pass in between the opposition lines.

Levitt’s ability to find passes like the one to Lingard are reasons he’s a great progressor of the ball; he averages 13.6 passes into the final third per 90 minutes.

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The above image is a clear example of the range of passing Levitt is capable of; he sees the run from the forward and plays a lofted pass over the top of the opposition defence. If the Welsh midfielder can bring more consistency to his accuracy in these long passes, they’ll become a very dangerous feature in his arsenal.

Main Weakness

Dylan Levitt only averages 4.7 recoveries and 1.7 interceptions per 90 minutes this season. These aren’t too bad but do need to improve when playing in the midfield. Better defensive positioning will lead to higher defensive output for the Welshman.

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The image above shows a situation where if his defensive awareness and positioning was better, Levitt could intercept the ball across. Due to his poor awareness, he cannot see the run behind him and gets dragged towards the ball; this means that when the ball is played across, he is unable to make an interception.

If Levitt is going to be in a double/single pivot, his defensive side will need to improve. At only 19 years of age, Levitt should be able to improve in this department the more he plays.


It is clear that Dylan Levitt has great talent, but he is definitely not the finished article yet. He is clearly a good passer of the ball but can improve further and also has to develop his defensive game.

With minimal game time in the first team available due to the midfield depth; a loan move would be best for the youngster so that he can consistently play at first-team level.

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