REPORT: UEFA Demand £275 Million to Delay Euro 2020


According to a report by David Ornstein, UEFA is going to demand a sum of £275 million to postpone UEFA Euro 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic has struck fear into the hearts of footballing bodies all around the world. European competitions are no exception.

The Champions League and Europa League have been suspended. Moreover, many leagues, including Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Serie A, have full-on suspended football matches for the foreseeable future. The Premier League, especially, has suspended games, as well.

Due to this, UEFA estimates that the stunning fee is what it’ll cost to postpone the competition.

UEFA to Demand Money to Postpone Europe’s Elite International Competition

UEFA Still Want Competitions to Be Finished

Ornstein states that the priority of everyone involved in the leagues and clubs being potentially demanded money from is that the competitions for this season be completed.

They would rather do this than abort the competitions entirely. It seems that the people at UEFA see little point in declaring the season “null and void.” The legal challenges to follow would cause too much trouble.

The same challenges would arise if they were to declare the season as final with the current standings for each league. With so many teams in so many leagues in close relegation battles, there’s unfairness in this ruling.

There is Still Hope for These Teams

Many of the leagues and their competing clubs retain hope that they can finish their seasons in May or June.

There are potential plans and schedules that could work out in everyone’s favour. Many are hoping for COVID-19 to pass in time for the season to be completed before the end of June. That is unlikely, however.

It is looking likely that the governing bodies will wait for the virus to pass. This would prompt leagues to finish their seasons more towards the end of the year. The only problem with this is that the schedules for the season after this one will be ludicrous comparatively.

Will Euro 2020 Be Postponed?

UEFA’s governing bodies are considering the option of delaying the competition by 12 months to June 2021.

Ornstein states that this situation will be relayed to European football’s stakeholders in emergency meetings on Tuesday, 17 March 2020. They will discuss what needs to be done then.

If it is ruled that the European Championships are to be postponed, then many major leagues and clubs will have to pay up significant numbers for the sake of everyone involved.

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