Leicester City Confirm Three Players Are Self-Isolating After Showing Symptoms of the Coronavirus

Self-isolating Leicester

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed that the three players have all shown symptoms of the virus and are self-isolating. Rodgers did not specify which three players, but is assuring fans that the club is following procedures.

Leicester City Confirm Three Players Are in Self-Isolation

Next Game Is In Doubt

The club’s next game is against Watford and is now in jeopardy. If the virus does spread then it is likely that coaches will request a postponement. Rodgers himself stated: “The game is all about the players and the fans and if you have one of those not there, it’s obviously not the same.”

What Is Self-Isolation and How Likely Is It to Stop the Spread?

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a particularly infectious strain and self-isolation helps reduce the chance of it spreading. The NHS has released a guide to self-isolation, it includes staying at home and limiting contact with others to a bare minimum. People awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test should stay at home, reduce contact with others, and maintain strict hygiene.

This means that players will not be allowed to visit the club’s ground or attend training sessions. This means that it could potentially leave teams with a depleted first-team if the virus continues to spread.

The Game Against Watford Is Likely to Go Ahead but the Pressure to Postpone Matches Is Rising

The Premier League has already implemented some precautionary measures but as the virus spreads more needs to be done. So far, only one Premier League game has been postponed due to the virus. However, if teams begin to lose first-team players it is more likely that games will be postponed.

Despite the three Leicester players self-isolating, Brendan Rodgers still expects the game against Watford to go ahead after stating: “It will be a very tough game for us. Nigel [Pearson] did a brilliant job at Leicester and now at Watford, you can see he has galvanised them.”

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