Zinedine Zidane Returns to Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane

The crazy season at Real Madrid has taken another wild turn as Zinedine Zidane returns to take over as manager.  The French legend left the post just 10 months ago but now returns in a time of need.  After being bounced out of all three cup competitions in less than a week, Real Madrid turn back to the man with three Champions Leagues.

Zinedine Zidane Returns to Real Madrid

It’s easy to see why Madrid president Florentino Perez is so keen to bring back Zidane.  Los Blancos have just crashed out of all three major competitions, ending their season in March.  The club has entered full-on crisis mode after the loss to Ajax and Perez is furious with the players and staff.

It’s still unclear who exactly Florentino Perez wants out at Real Madrid, besides Sergio Ramos.  Perez reportedly got into a shouting match with Ramos after the Ajax game, the one he famously got himself suspended for.  Presumably, Ramos is not the only player that Perez wants to move on from.

Players like Gareth Bale, Isco, Marcelo and Keylor Navas are among the reports, but this is still a team that won four out of five Champions Leagues. The return of Zidane complicates some of this.  Isco, Marcelo and Navas were three of his favourite players in his first spell, but all have been completely out of form since the Frenchman left.

This is why bringing in Zidane now might not be such a bad idea.  Zidane brings with him an aura that most coaches don’t have.  That’s because most coaches are not one of the greatest players of their generation.  His gravitas commands a level of respect that can silence some of the noise around the club at the moment.

Silencing that noise would be in the best interest of the club.  Real Madrid need to retool and revamp over this upcoming summer.  That can be achieved best in silence, without constant rumours around the club.  Zidane coming in should help that and help their upcoming transition.

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