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Devin Wilson
Brandon Russell - Jun 6, 2020

There have been multiple talented wide receivers in the National Arena League (NAL) in its three years of existence, but one receiver stands out more than any other receiver: Devin Wilson. Wilson’s dominance in the NAL year after year after year proves why he is the best receiver in the league. Devin Wilson’s Dominance in […]

Players to watch, Barnstormers win United Bowl
Connor Ferguson - Mar 10, 2020

The Indoor Football League is filled with players to watch, year after year. 2020 is no different. The season is officially underway, with a plethora of talent ready to take the field for season openers over the next two weekends. We took the liberty of identifying some of the most exciting players that fans will […]

Cody Barber, The Deuce
Ashle Norling - Feb 20, 2020

This morning the Indoor Football League announced a slight change to the rules for the 2020 season. This year the IFL will introduce “The Deuce” as another way to score points. As a refresher the National Arena League also uses the rule, and the basic premise is if the kickoff goes through the uprights the […]

Barnstormers announce Coaching Staff
Connor Ferguson - Feb 12, 2020

The Iowa Barnstormers announced a new set of assistant coaches to join Ameer Ismail in his first season at the helm on Wednesday morning, as well as a new equipment manager. Ismail will be joined in the 2020 season by four assistants: Chris Mosley, Mike Haar, Jason Simpson, and James Terry. Iowa Barnstormers announce Coaching Staff for 2020 […]

NAL Transaction Tracker
Brandon Russell - Dec 10, 2019

The National Arena League (NAL) recently announced their schedule for the upcoming 2020 season. The 2020 NAL schedule will feature seven teams; some teams will have 12 games while others will play 13 games in the regular season. With the league having only seven teams, that means at least one team is going to have […]

NAL Transaction Tracker
Brandon Russell - Dec 3, 2019

With the conclusion of the 2019 National Arena League (NAL) season last August, things have slowed down enough to put together a list of all of the records in the league since the beginning. The NAL All-Time Records includes stats and records from all three sides of the ball. This could help figure out who […]

Cody Barber
Connor Ferguson - Dec 2, 2019

Earlier on in this 2019-2020 Indoor Football League off-season, an article detailing a new signee to the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers was circulating through Facebook. Linebacker Kahzin Daniels had been promoted to the team’s active roster after serving time on their practice squad this year. It wasn’t just a normal story about a kid getting […]

Raheem Harvey
Connor Ferguson - Nov 28, 2019

One of the most noteworthy things about the currently signed Iowa Barnstormers roster is the amount of returning players to the team for the 2020 season. Raheem Harvey is no exception. Raheem Harvey is back and he wants some more ice Like the others, and despite a new head coach leading the way, Harvey has championship […]

IFL Schedule by team
Connor Ferguson - Nov 28, 2019

The Indoor Football League released their 2020 league schedule on Tuesday afternoon, featuring a 17-week, 91-game schedule that opens in March. We put each of the 13 teams’ schedules together for you in one spot. For the full league schedule, by week, click here. For more breaking news on the IFL, follow us on social […]

2020 League Schedule
Connor Ferguson - Nov 26, 2019

The Indoor Football League released their 2020 league schedule on Tuesday afternoon, featuring a 17-week, 91-game schedule that opens in March. The 13 teams will each play 14 games along with three bye weeks. The season will open with Quad City traveling to Cedar Rapids on March 7. IFL Releases 2020 League Schedule All 13 […]

2020 League Schedule
Ashle Norling - Nov 26, 2019

Indoor Football returns to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the 2020 season, this time back into the IFL with a new franchise in Frisco. The new team will be owned by Steve and Kim Germain and their children Jessica, Austin, and Zach. The IFL stated that within the next few days the team will be […]

CIF releases 2020 schedule
Connor Ferguson - Nov 7, 2019

Champions Indoor Football became the first of the three leagues to release their schedule for the 2020 season on Thursday morning. The schedule features 15 weeks of action and a total of 12 games for each team. Each team will also get six home and six away games. CIF Releases 2020 Schedule, Playoff Format The […]

NAL Transaction Tracker
Connor Ferguson - Nov 5, 2019

Looking for all of the National Arena League signings listed in one place? We heard you loud and clear. Last Word On Sports is pleased to announce that we have put all of the latest free agent signings in one place for you! LWOS NAL Free Agency Transaction Tracker The list will be updated each […]

Brandon Russell - Oct 30, 2019

Today (October 29, 2019), the Arena Football League (AFL) has informed all owners, staff, coaches, and players that they are suspending operations for the 2020 season and possibly longer than the 2020 season. This now puts the AFL’s six teams without a league. The Cleveland Gladiators was looking for a return, but likely isn’t happening […]

Atlanta Jaguars
Brandon Russell - Oct 22, 2019

On Tuesday, October 22, there was a post on Facebook that promoted the Atlanta Jaguars arena football team player tryouts. It is unclear as to which league the Jaguars are joining, but the National Arena League (NAL) could be a top-choice for the new team. Atlanta Jaguars Rumored to Join NAL The Jaguars tryouts are […]

Ameer Ismail
Connor Ferguson - Oct 11, 2019

Indoor Football is a sport that differs tremendously from the common professional sports in the United States, and on Monday evening the Iowa Barnstormers provided another fine example of it. The team hosted a meet-the-coach night at the Mac Shack in West Des Moines, Iowa to introduce their diehard fans to the man tasked with […]

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Liverpool are not having the best of starts to the current Premier League season, but there are four things Jurgen Klopp is doing to ensure that the Reds’ are still title-worthy. It showed in their Champions League clash against Ajax, and this brand of football will be dangerous in the Premier League. The evident absence of […]

New Alcohol Rules - Qatar World Cup
Last Word Staff - Oct 11, 2019

After several fans who purchased World Cup 2022 tickets voiced their frustration with the no-alcohol policy, FIFA and the Qatari organizers are working on plans to facilitate drinks when the games come alive in November which means that new alcohol rules could be in place for the tournament. New Alcohol Rules – Changes for Qatar […]

Final Phase Ticket Price
Last Word Staff - Oct 11, 2019

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious international football competition. Every once in four years, millions of fans attend the event from all over the world. In just a few months Qatar is going to host the World Cup 2022. Qatar’s hosting decisions heightened the excitement among fans exceptionally. According to Surprise Sports, the […]

Emirates Stadium Arsenal Football Club
Last Word Staff - Oct 11, 2019

The logos donned by football teams represent their history and are riddled with esoteric messages filled with hidden meanings. Many fans remain unaware that the symbol of their favourite team’s crest tells its own story. What does it mean when a particular animal is the highlight of a logo? Similarly, what’s the deal with the […]

Qualifying US Open
Eddie Davey - Oct 11, 2019

Most golf fans think of mid-June, Father’s Day, when they think of the U.S. Open, few even know the virtually untold story of US Open Qualifying. While the winner accepts the trophy on Sunday afternoon, the true “open” part of the U.S. Open takes place in relative silence at qualifying events held weeks before the […]

Kaiden Guhle
Michael Kovacs, ADMIN - Oct 11, 2019

It was announced on December 12th that nineteen-year-old Kaiden Guhle will represent Team Canada as its captain for the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship. The teenager is currently playing for the Edmonton Oil Kings in the Western Hockey League. Guhle was traded to the Oil Kings by the Prince Albert Raiders on the very same […]

Premier League
Last Word Staff - Oct 11, 2019

Football s one of the most followed sports on the planet and has billions of loyal fans. While leagues like Serie A are very popular, the biggest draw is arguably the English Premier League. There are many reasons for this – with the fast-paced action and tough tackling being important. The Premier League is also […]

Sega Powered’ Magazine
Matt Jarvis - Oct 11, 2019

Dean Mortlock knows more than a thing or two about the video gaming industry having worked on some of the best known magazines of yesteryear and especially when it comes to all things Sega. Now he decided that the time is right to bring print media Sega goodness back to the fans with the launch […]