Linebacker Skyler Skersick Returns to the Jacksonville Sharks

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, the Jacksonville Sharks have activated Mac Linebacker Skyler Skersick for his second season in Jacksonville. The linebacker position was a little slim/weak coming into this week. Jacksonville snagged one of their linebackers from last season. This pickup gives the Jacksonville defense the power to become the best in the league again.

Linebacker Skyler Skersick Returns to the Jacksonville Sharks

Skersick looked to play for an Arena Football League (AFL) team, but that did not work out. This move allowed Skersick to become a free agent, leaving Jacksonville with the choice to take him just weeks after the final cuts.

Last year, Skersick played in 12 games with the Sharks and racked up 20.5 tackles, three sacks, and two fumbles. The Mac Linebacker position was being filled by Defensive End Leon Mackey Sr.. The Sharks needed to do something quick to make an improvement, especially since Mackey got placed on league suspension until further notice.

In the National Arena League (NAL), quarterbacks get rushed and are forced to make passes that they may not be comfortable with throwing. Although the linebacker doesn’t get numbers for that possible turnover, it helps someone else get that turnover stat.

What this means for Jacksonville

The Sharks picked up what could be the best Mac Linebacker in the league. The Mac Linebacker has the option to rush the quarterback and go for the sack or stick to a receiver and make a tackle or tip the ball away.

Skersick is the sixth player on the defensive side of the ball to return to Jacksonville from last season. Other players include Defensive Back Marvin Ross, Defensive Lineman Keith Bowers, Defensive Lineman Montavis Mack, Defensive Back Jermiah Price, and Defensive Lineman Damien Jacobs.

This means that the chemistry is there from last year. Teams struggled against Jacksonville last season, which is a big reason why they won the NAL Championship Game. With the majority of the players returning from last season, the defense will now be in sync with one another. The team this season struggles with keeping their opponents out of the end zone.

One thing that worked well last week was when the Mac Linebacker rushed the quarterback and made the quarterback throw it away. This made it tougher for the Sharks opponent to convert on third or fourth downs.

Overall, this addition helps the Jacksonville defense and the Sharks team as a whole and they could win two or three more games than they would have won without Skersick.

The Sharks are currently 1-2 and are facing the Carolina Cobras, who is 2-1. The only Cobras loss was against the Sharks in Week One, which is a positive sign for the Sharks.

Only time will tell how this transaction will play out, but it is very likely that it will benefit the Sharks.