Super Bowl 57 Odds: Early Betting Specials To Pounce On

The stage is set for a Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

While the game isn’t until Feb. 12, the betting festivities have already begun. The nation’s top legal sportsbooks have wasted little time releasing the Super Bowl 57 odds and a slew of specials for the big game.

Keep reading to explore some early exotics, promising props, and gnarly novelties.

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Super Bowl 57 Odds

Betting specials and novelty plays

You have to make it exciting when there’s only one game left before a seven-month break. Every Super Bowl, you can count on betting sites to crack their sportsbooks wide open and give bettors all the action they can dream of. And then some.

The betting options will continue to fall like rain for the next two weeks, but some books have already opened up the floodgates. Here’s a look at a few possibilities to whet your wagering appetite.

Any QB to have 1+ receiving TD (+5000)

Remember the Philly Special? Well, guess who’s back in the Super Bowl again? While the odds of the Eagles repeating history might be slim, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

But you could argue that if any team were going to throw to a QB in the endzone this year, it would be the Chiefs.

Andy Reid is a mad scientist in a red jumpsuit, and nobody knows what kind of concoctions he’s compiled on that clipboard of his.

Coin toss result (+100) either way

In a wild twist, DraftKings sportsbook has turned what was once the ultimate sucker bet (coin toss result) into a true 50/50 proposition.

It has long been deemed a foolish bet because even though the probability is 50% each way, the sportsbooks have always taken juice. Meaning that over time, you will never break even.

Now that they’re offering a juice-free bet, you can load up to your heart’s content, knowing that over a large sample, you will indeed break even. If that’s your thing.

While this is genuinely a ‘pure luck’ bet, it could be a fun way to set the betting tone for the day if you hit it.

First drive result (+105 – +500)

The good thing about this bet is that you’re getting plus money on every option. The bad thing is that you probably don’t have a crystal ball.

But Super Bowl betting isn’t about crystal balls. It’s about taking risks and having fun. This isn’t one to bet the farm on, but a +420 flyer on a field goal attempt? Why not?

These teams have great kickers, punting has become almost non-existent in the NFL, and both coaches are cowboys.

Chris Jones and Haason Reddick to record 2+ sacks each (+4000)

Out of all the specials on the board so far, this one might be the most intriguing. At +4000, the value here is punching you in the face.

Not only did Chris Jones and Haason Reddick have two sacks each last game, but they also had 15.5 and 16 on the year, respectively.

To make it even more appealing, Reddick has recorded 2+ sacks in four of his last six games. Meanwhile, Jones is playing out of his mind with 7.5 sacks in his last six games, including 2+ in two of his last three.