How to Bet on the Super Bowl

The amount and availability of Super Bowl bets has exploded in recent years. Now you can bet on almost anything even loosely related to the game (we’re looking at you, Gatorade color).

If you’re looking to bet on the Super Bowl for the first time, we’ll show you how to pick the best Super Bowl betting site, set up an account, and claim bonus bets and bet credit for first-time bettors.

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How to pick the best Super Bowl betting site

Super Bowl betting sites have spread like wildfire now that legal sports betting exists in 30 states.

The days of making a roadie to Vegas to place a prop bet are long gone. Now, as long as you’re in a legal betting state, you can bet on the Super Bowl right from your phone.

You’ll have a choice of multiple sportsbooks with bonus offers and bonus bets to try and earn your loyalty. Here are a few of the industry’s leading sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting and their welcome offers.

FanDuel Sportsbook for Super Bowl betting

fanduel sportsbook promo codeExpect very competitive game lines and a massive selection of Super Bowl props.

FanDuel Sportsbook is also an official sports betting partner of the NFL, meaning.

  • Super Bowl bets at FanDuel are settled using official NFL data
  • Super Bowl stats and logos are featured on the FanDuel platform
  • FanDuel Super Bowl betting content is integrated into NFL Media properties like the NFL Network and

There’s also a Super Bowl game tracker on the FanDuel platform with usable real-time game information and statistics while you watch the game and bet on it live.

FanDuel’s best Super Bowl promotions are also available all season long. This includes:

  • Super Bowl Win Bonus – $5 bonus for each regular season game won by any team you bet at least $50 on in the Super Bowl LVII – Outright Betting market.
  • Bet $5, Win $280 promo giving you +5600 odds on any $5 Super Bowl moneyline bet
  • Variety of odds boosts

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is one of the NFL’s approved sportsbook so you’ll find:

  • Official league data
  • Play-by-play stats
  • Next Gen Stats to define and settle Super Bowl bets

betmgm sportsbook bonus codeThe latest Super Bowl Winner odds are in BetMGM’s NFL betting section under the futures tab.

BetMGM’s Super Bowl content lives over on BetMGM’s The Roar Blog and includes info on Super Bowl Odds, Tickets, and Handle throughout the season.

BetMGM Sports always runs huge Super Bowl promos. Those have included:

  • A $10 to Win $200 Touchdown Bonus Offer with a $200 bonus if the team you bet at least $10 on scored at least one touchdown in the Super Bowl.
  • An initial deposit match bonus of up to $560 ahead of Super Bowl 56, giving you four $140 free bets if you deposited $560 before the game.
  • A $30 bonus bet for the Super Bowl to anyone betting at least $10 on a Same-Game Parlay for the Super Bowl.
  • A $25 bonus First TD Scorer bet offering refunds of up to $25 on a player to score the opening touchdown of Super Bowl 56 props.

Although you won’t find BetMGM content integrated into NFL media properties, BetMGM’s deal does give it the right to run ads during NFL broadcasts and on NFL media properties all year long, including during the Super Bowl.

That said, BetMGM has yet to spend the estimated $6.5 million it costs for a 30-second spot during the game.

Caesars Sportsbook for Super Bowl betting

Like the league’s other partners, Caesars uses official NFL stats and data to settle Super Bowl bets. Its betting content is also integrated into and the NFL App throughout the season.

caesars sportsbook bonus codeThat extends to the Super Bowl. The latest ‘To Win Super Bowl’ odds can be found in the Futures Bets area in Caesars Sportsbook’s NFL betting section.

Caesars Sportsbook has all the game lines and props you’d expect from a sports betting operation of its size. Plus, it has been known to compete actively with its NFL and Super Bowl game lines, making its lines must-see when you’re line shopping.

Caesars may also feature odds boosts surrounding the Super Bowl and even up the ante on its ‘Bet up to $1,250 on Caesars’ welcome bonus in the weeks ahead of the game.

Notably, Caesars Sportsbook spent millions running a commercial during the Super Bowl featuring JB Smoove, Halle Berry, and Archie, Cooper, Peyton, and Eli Manning.

DraftKings Sportsbook for Super Bowl betting

draftkings sportsbook promo codeAs an official sports betting partner of the NFL, all Super Bowl bets at DraftKings Sportsbook are settled using official NFL data. The Super Bowl itself can also be promoted on the sportsbook.

That means the Super Bowl is referred to as the Super Bowl at DK, not “The Big Game” or “Pro Football Championship” as you might find at other sites.

For Super Bowl betting you’ll find:

  • Super Bowl futures odds market available all year long
  • Updated content on the dedicated Super Bowl odds page
  • Super Bowl betting news

DraftKings also runs a variety of promotions surrounding the Super Bowl. Previous promos have included:

  • Win $280 in bonus bets with any $5 moneyline bet on the Super Bowl.
  • Get $20 in bonus bets by betting $40 or more on the Super Bowl, win or lose.
  • Get a 25% profit boost on any 3 or more leg TD scorer same game parlay.
  • Get odds boosts on Super Bowl Dark Horse and Yes Score First Drive Super Bowl bets
  • Get a $10 bonus bet when you bet $10 in Super Bowl flash bets, including live Result-of-Drive and Next-Team-to-Score bets
  • Enter a free-to-play $75,000 Super Bowl Squares Contest

Expect more of the same yearly, plus a huge selection of general NFL betting options with competitive odds. DraftKings also has the most live Super Bowl betting markets and unique Super Bowl props that rivals lack.

How to sign up and claim your bonus

It’s in the sportsbook’s best interest to provide as little friction as possible at the sign-up stage. That’s why it’s super easy to get registered and claim your bonus.

The steps below might vary slightly from book to book, but they follow a similar process.

  1. Click on one of the links that offer a welcome bonus.
  2. Sign up on your desktop computer or download the app for Apple or Android.
  3. Fill out all of the required information to complete registration.
  4. Receive your welcome bonus.
  5. Place your first bet.

How Super Bowl betting works

Super Bowl betting has taken on a life of its own. Even those that don’t bet for the rest of the year find it hard to resist the pinnacle of sports betting.

Super Bowl prop bets

A prop bet is when you bet on a particular outcome within the game. Prop bets started to hit the mainstream at the Super Bowl back in the 1980s when there wasn’t much parity in the league.

The big game was often a blowout, so betting options were limited and boring. Sportsbooks had to keep the game exciting and promote more betting action.

The game’s winning team became an afterthought to many bettors, and prop bets now consume betting slips from the national anthem to the Gatorade shower.

Standard Super Bowl props can look like this:

  • How many yards will a receiver get (Over/Under a set number)
  • How many touchdowns will the quarterback throw
  • How many tackles will a linebacker have

But in the Super Bowl, prop bets aren’t limited to just the game. Depending on the state you’re in, and the betting rules set down by their licensing board, you might be able to bet on the following:

  • The length of the national anthem
  • The color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach
  • The coin toss outcome and even
  • How many times will the cameras pan to a particular celebrity

SB props are both beautiful and absurd in all their glory. Check our full Super Bowl prop betting page for more.

Super Bowl futures odds

Almost immediately after the Super Bowl ends, you can get odds on the following year’s winner. You can also bet throughout the season, with odds changing each week dramatically in line with teams’ performances and injuries.

Sometimes a preseason hunch can pay off big as the longest odds for the best teams are typically found before the season starts

How to bet on Super Bowl parlays

The beauty of SB props is that you can parlay them at most sportsbooks. You can get in the lab and create a game narrative in your mind and then bet accordingly.

For instance, let’s say the Eagles play the Bills in the Super Bowl and you think the Eagles will blow them out. In that case, you’d have the option to craft a parlay ticket that suits that narrative. Your parlay ticket could look something like this:

  • Eagles to win
  • A.J. Brown to go over 100 yards
  • Jalen Hurts to run for 1+ touchdown
  • Eagles defense to record 2+ sacks

Of course, you can build your ticket any way you want. It could also look something like this:

  • Eagles to win
  • Josh Allen to throw for 250+ yards
  • Stefon Diggs to get 1+ touchdowns
  • Game point total over 45.5

Betting on multiple outcomes from the same game is usually called Same Game Parlays (SGP), or One Game Parlays (OGP), depending on which sportsbook you’re using.

Even if the game has already started, you can create a ‘live’ or ‘in-game’ parlay just like you would before the game.

Super Bowl props and parlay menus will differ from site to site, so shopping around and finding a great online sportsbook that works for you is essential.

3 basic Super Bowl betting tips

The main thing to remember about Super Bowl betting is that it’s supposed to be fun.

Sure, some professional bettors have sophisticated computer models, and they’re betting small fortunes. Still, for most, it’s about playing responsibly and enjoying the game with some action. Here are a few tips to consider,

1. Shop around for better odds

One of the best things about so much competition between online sportsbooks is that you can shop around and find the best odds. While many of the odds will be similar between books, it pays off to do a little digging. It only takes a few minutes and can boost your bankroll.

2. Look at team and player stats

Don’t blindly throw down $20 on a player to get 2+ touchdowns. Look at the player’s game log and see how often he’s done this or if he’s even done it at all.

This goes for team props as well. If you bet on a team’s total yardage, look at its average per game and how it fared against its opponent the last time it played.

The amount of research you do will depend on your seriousness, but a little bit can go a long way.

3. Check out the injury report

There are two weeks between the Conference Finals and the Super Bowl, so that helps players heal up after a long season. But looking at the injury report to see who might be banged up still doesn’t hurt.

Teams like to keep their players’ ailments on the hush during the playoffs, but you might want to stay away if you have a hunch someone isn’t 100%.

3 things not to bet on for the Super Bowl

It’s fair game to bet on anything for the Super Bowl, and sometimes the wackier, the better. But if you’re betting more than a few bucks, there are some prop bets you will want to avoid, no matter how popular they may be. Here are the top three bets to steer clear of.

1. The coin toss outcome

The coin toss outcome is a terrible bet for many reasons. For one, if you lose, you’re already behind before the game has even started. But more importantly, there is no way for you to get an edge. The probability of the toss landing on heads or tails will always be 50/50, and you will lose money over time thanks to the vigorish or ‘juice’ that a sportsbook takes.

2. Opening kickoff returned for a touchdown

Not only are kickoff returns for TDs way down in recent years thanks to increased touchbacks, but there has only been one opening kickoff return in Super Bowl history. It would be more fun to light your money on fire and watch it burn.

3. Gatorade color dumped on the winning coach

You’ll probably bet on this anyway because it’s fun, but it’s not a wise decision. Not only is it completely unpredictable, but there’s also the possibility that the team gets too wrapped up in celebration and omits the electrolyte shower altogether.