Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds: Can Brown, Smith, or Kelce Buck QB Dominance?

Super Bowl 57 MVP odds

We’re digging into the possibility of a pass-catcher earning Super Bowl 57 MVP honors. Quarterbacks generally get the bulk of the accolades, but that wouldn’t happen without great receivers reeling in their targets.

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While Super Bowl 57 lines may – emphasis on “may” – settle more quickly and solidly than those throughout the season, it’s always worth checking around for the best Super Bowl odds. That applies to game lines and Super Bowl props.

Super Bowl 57 MVP Outlook: Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Don’t mash the snooze button too hard when considering pass-catchers for Super Bowl 57 MVP honors. Of the four non-quarterback Super Bowl MVPs over the last decade, two were wide receivers.

The Rams’ Cooper Kupp is reigning Super Bowl MVP, and serves as a reminder that there is some room for non-QBs to shine brightest on the biggest NFL stage.

This year’s matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles provides a trio of players to consider: Travis Kelce, A.J. Brown, and DeVonta Smith.

The next tight end who wins Super Bowl MVP will be the first, so that may seem like a reason to discount Kelce’s Super Bowl MVP outlook. We don’t see it that way. Kelce is a wide receiver in spirit and production, if not by listed position.

His 24.7% target share is darn good for an upper-echelon wide receiver, let alone a tight end. If the Chiefs win and someone other than Patrick Mahomes stands to win Super Bowl MVP, it’s difficult to envision who, other than Kelce, will erupt to such a degree.

The fact that a tight end has yet to win the award will help keep his price long – perhaps longer than it should be.

It’s reasonable to expect both Brown and Smith to finish with strong stat lines if the Eagles win. Naturally, however, one will need to shine above and beyond his sidekick in order to beat out Jalen Hurts.

Brown had the better season of the two, so it’s fair to tilt your attention in his direction. He has been quiet in two playoff games – though both were blowouts – totaling seven receptions for 50 yards on 14 targets. Smith didn’t need to do much either, though he finished with eight receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown on 13 looks.

Super Bowl 57 Wide Receiver/Tight End Bets

Let’s tie a knot on the Eagles’ pass-catchers before moving on. If a wide receiver is destined to win the Super Bowl MVP for a second consecutive season, Brown is the “safe” bet.

Brown led the Eagles in targets (145), which he combined with remarkable efficiency – 17 yards per catch, 60.7% catch rate – and touchdown receptions (11). Smith, however, led the team with 95 receptions. Each one is capable of delivering a scintillating, multi-touchdown performance. Bettors who prefer to chase plus-money profits shouldn’t be afraid to roll the dice on Smith’s MVP price.

Travis Kelce Prop Bet Considerations

Something has to give in Super Bowl 57. Kelce is a dominant force, both in terms of his production and performance, but also in terms of his volume. The Eagles owned the league’s best pass defense per DVOA, an advanced efficiency metric. They’re also an organization that has demonstrated a deep appreciation for the tight end position. If there’s a team that is equipped to neutralize Kelce to any degree, the Eagles are on that short list.

A.J. Brown/Devonta Smith Prop Considerations

The Chiefs’ supposed struggles containing opposing No. 1 wide receivers factored into the pre-game analysis ahead of their AFC title game matchup against Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals. They managed to keep Chase in check (6-75 on eight targets) and held Chase and Tee Higgins to a combined 12-158-1 line on 19 targets.

Despite the apparent concerns, you have to go back to Week 14 to find an instance of the Chiefs being burned to a significant degree. The Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy went 8-73-3 in that instance. Brown and Smith present another awfully challenging duo to contend with, but don’t let chatter of a weak secondary sway your position too heavily.