Phoenix Suns Acquire Kevin Durant, Shorten NBA Championship Odds

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The Phoenix Suns’ NBA Championship odds shrank overnight upon acquiring Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets.

Phoenix Suns NBA Champion Odds Shrink With Loaded Roster

Phoenix boasts the game’s preeminent wing duo with Durant and All-NBA guard Devin Booker. There’s only one ball, but this doesn’t seem like a mix that will spawn headaches a la Brooklyn’s “big three” era. Perhaps the Suns increase the pace with which they play to take advantage of their offensive superiority, but it’s safe to assume their offensive rating improves nonetheless.

The Durant-Booker pairing will hog the headlines, as it should, but it’s fair to look at Chris Paul as the key that unlocks the duo’s potential. Excuse the cross-sport analogy, but consider how Real Madrid’s Luka Modric controls tempo and puts the likes of Karim Benzema and Vini Jr. in position to inflict damage. Paul is the NBA version of Modric. It’s difficult to build a list of floor generals better suited than Paul to lead this talented group.

Finally, there’s not enough being discussed about the Suns’ ability to keep big man Deandre Ayton. Considering his modest usage and production — relative to expectations and draft pedigree at least — he’s not going to make the front page of the program. However, it’s worth recognizing the value of a quality interior presence to complement the perimeter pieces.

Are We Backing Phoenix Suns As NBA Finals Faves?

In short: Absolutely.

That’s not to suggest we’re pushing all of our chips behind them. Bettors need to consider multiple factors. Among them, how will the key pieces fit? How will the entire rotation shape up? Questions aside, there’s a lot to like about the construction of this roster overall.

This quartet needs to develop chemistry — obviously not a given — and we don’t expect it to happen overnight. However, if Durant is “about ball” to the degree those close(r) to him suggest, and Paul is truly the “Point God”, the pieces will fit like a Lego set. Eventually.

As long as “eventually” happens by late-March, early-April, the Suns will be able to put themselves on course to claim the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

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